Women's History Month: STEM Edition

The Cougar's Byte is highlighting women within the STEM field.

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Women's History Month: STEM Edition
Ch'nya Howard

March is a month taken to recognize women across the world who have made an impact in our lives. In honor of Women’s History Month, the Cougar’s Byte is highlighting women who are entering or have already entered traditionally male-dominated professions, such as the STEM field.

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, has been male-dominated for many years. However, women have and are continuing to make advances and contributions in this field. For instance, Katherine Johnson was involved in the calculations that sent American spacecrafts to the moon and Florence Nightingale is credited for creating the modern nursing system and lowering the death rate in the Crimean War.

The Cougar’s Byte took the time to get opinions from Cougars about women in STEM and their representation in the profession. Camila Melo, Business Management major and freshman from Passaic shared her thoughts on women in STEM.

“It’s good because women are improving in technology and all of the stuff. In the past, it was only like men. Now there’s more women,” said Melo.

Elainny Reyes, Criminal Justice major and freshman from Elizabeth discussed why she thinks a change needs to happen regarding more women in the profession.

“I think we do need a change because everything is like men are included in all of that, related like to business. And I think women will make the difference and there should be more diversity in the system,” said Reyes.

Leian Macapagal, Exercise Science major and sophomore from Jersey City revealed why she thinks women in STEM are needed and that it has great potential.

“I think it’s a great opportunity...I believe women in STEM is such a great integration of not only men but women as well. I think the STEM field has a lot of men in its field. It’s very male-dominate, so I’m glad to see that women nowadays have been stepping up and being given more opportunities in the STEM field especially with it being such a complex field," said Macapagal.

She also stated whether she thinks women are being represented enough in the profession.

“Even though my last statement said that yeah we have been stepping up more to the plate recently, I still believe that there’s more left to do when it comes to women being more represented in the STEM field.”

Women continue to make an impact within the STEM field and other fields that have been historically male-dominated. These women are the epitome of what staying focused and encouraged can positively do for lives now and in the future.