Instagram: On The Grid or 24 Hour Story?

Kean students share whether they post on their Instagram Grid or Story more.

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Instagram: On The Grid or 24 Hour Story?

Kean students share whether they post on their Instagram Story or Grid more. 

Ch'nya Howard

Social media has existed for many years. Although these platforms have been around for some generations, Generation Z has been the center of conversation when it comes to social media and its role in daily life. The main question today is whether this generation posts more on their Instagram Grid or Story. 

While Instagram Stories and posts on the Grid are similar, they have different purposes. According to, people may lean toward posting on their stories more because stories are short-term and disappear after 24 hours, unlike grid posts. Stories are also more interactive and casual while Grid posts require more effort and creativity because they are permanent. We reached out to our fellow cougars to get insight on what is more preferred, posting on their story or the grid.

Ashley Konz, Industrial Design major and sophomore from Baldwinsville, NY shared whether she posts on her Grid or Story more.

“On my story, because it’s quicker, more convenient, more people seem to see it,” said Konz.

Catherine Anukam, an Economics and Accounting major and sophomore from Lagos, Nigeria stated which one she prefers to post on more and why.

“Oh my gosh, my Story. I’m always posting memes because it’s fun, and I have a lot of my friends who are students so I just try to make everyone laugh once in a while so I’m posting funny memes and stuff,” said Anukam.

Even though young adults who are on social media in today's world post on their stories more than the grid, people still post valuable content as everyone has their own personal brand and image they like to portray to their followers.

Kaitlynn Lawrence, a freshman and Speech Language Hearing Sciences major from Irvington, also chooses to post more on her Story as opposed to the Instagram Grid.

“I post more on my Story. It’s just easier. I just like the filters, funny memes, things like that,” said Lawrence.

Joy Wilson, Biology Health Professions major and sophomore from East Orange shared why she publicizes her life on her Story more instead of the Grid.

“Instagram Story. Only because they have funny posts and stuff. So, I want people to enjoy it,” said Wilson.

Cougars on campus are a small example of how much social media has changed. Older generations before Gen Z may prefer posting on their Instagram Grid, while the younger generations prefer posting on their stories. From the responses, Kean students lean more towards posting on their Instagram story rather than their grid, as it gives people a glimpse of their life while remaining private.