Unity Week: Man of the House Play

The Kean Community enjoyed the stageplay, Man of the House for Unity Week.

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Unity Week: Man of the House Play

The Kean Community attended the Man of the House stageplay for Unity Week. 

Ch'nya Howard

In continuation of Unity Week, on Tuesday, April 16, Kean Cougars and the Kean Community enjoyed a great stageplay, Man of the House hosted by the Communications and Marketing for Student Affairs. From 6:30 to 8:30 pm, students and guests gathered in the Miron Student Center Little Theatre to watch and be entertained by the great production.

Man of the House is a dramedy that focuses on relationships, family issues, and domestic violence and is usually held in October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness. This #1 Urban StagePlay, was written, directed, and produced by Kean Alumnus, A’ndre Davis. Davis wanted to convey a story about domestic violence, but in a different manner with the man being abused as opposed to the woman and the abuse being mental instead of physical.

Tatyana Buckman, a Forensic Psychology major and freshman from Willingboro explained why she decided to come and watch the play.

“I decided to come here because the description of the play reminded me of like Tyle Perry plays and I like watching those, I enjoy watching stuff like that and it’s kind of cool to see what other universities could do like put their twist on plays," said Buckman.

Rakeen King, a Business Management major and freshman from Bloomfield expressed what he was looking forward to seeing.

“I heard about it and I wanted to come support. I’m always interested in the theatre and the plays, Just knowing how much practice and time goes into these plays is always interesting and I love to see people perform," said King.

The audience was truly delighted with the play. From Denzel Washington and Former President Obama's impressions to comical lines and singing from the cast, the audience was amused.

While the audience had a chance to ask the cast members questions and make comments after the play, Christian King who plays Isaac in Man of the House, gave meaningful advice about consistency. He shared his journey to being a part of Man of the House and the television show, Wild N Out. He credited his success in the entertainment field to remaining unwavering in pursuing his dreams.

“If you have a goal or dream in mind and you are working towards that thing, do not despise small beginnings. The no's that you get are not really no’s. They may just be not right now’s. Every no that you get is gonna make that yes so much sweeter...If you don’t quit, you’ll make it," said King.

On the 10th anniversary of Man of the House, the Cougar’s Byte had the opportunity to speak with A’ndre Davis. When asked what is something he wants people to learn from watching Man of the House, Davis responded that he wants people to know that abuse comes in more forms than physical abuse.

“I want them to learn that abuse is more than just the physical...What I hope that they take away from Man of the House, is that abuse can be verbal, it can be emotional,” said Davis.

“And one of the lines that is in the play, that I really stand on is that ‘Once you can influence a person’s mind, you can do more damage than the fist ever could.’ And when people understand that and truly understand that you’ll watch your words, you’ll watch the way you treat people And like I said, for the person being abused, they can now identify it for what it is.”

Man of the House was a pleasurable play that not only entertained but informed audience members about domestic abuse and the amount of influence a person’s actions and words can have on another person mentally and emotionally. The Kean Community was proud to welcome back A’ndre Davis during Unity Week and take part in the 10th-anniversary celebration of Man of the House.