An Evening of Comedic Storytelling: Full of Laughs and Great Vibes

The Comedic Storytelling event was a success as SGA and GSG were able to get Kenan Thompson to come to Kean and give a great show to the Kean community.

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Wayne Dawes

On Wednesday, April 17, The Comedic Storytelling hosted by The Student Government Asscoiation and the Graduate Student Government took place at Wilkins Theater from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. as doors opened at 8:00 p.m. The event was filled with Students, Staff, and guests as they were excited to see the legendary Kenan Thompson.

Before the event began the CougarsByte had the opportunity to interview multiple students who were looking forward to seeing Kenan. Jamaria Hay, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science from Edison, New Jersey, explains how she felt about the event overall and how she feels about Unity Week.

“I think it’s nice I’ve heard of Kenan Thompson before, I’ve seen the shows he was in and I’m very excited. I like it I think it’s a great idea, I think it’s good for people from different cultures to get involved together,” said Hay.

As the show began SGA and GSG welcomed the Kean community to the highly anticipated show they introduced Kenan to the stage as he was met with uproar from the crowd. The show was a success as there was a great connection between Kenan and the audience with his funny punchlines, his entertaining way of telling his story, and his spirit from start to finish.

Jordan Rittenburg a freshman, majoring in Architecture, from Williamstown, New Jersey, tells the CougarsByte his reasoning for coming out to the event.

“Because of what happened last semester with Flo Mili and the concert so I wanted to come out again and support, have fun, and to see what is going on,” said Rittenburg.

As the event continued with laughs and jokes, Kenan decided to get the crowd involved and told them to ask anything they would like to ask him. Someone in attendance would ask Kenan how it feels to have all of the fame and he answered by showing his humble personality.

“I never planned on being famous, I didn’t know what being famous meant, I didn’t know the responsibility of it until I was at a signing and this girl came up and she was crying so hard when she met me, I didn’t know I was that attached to ya’ll,” said Kenan.

Once he answered questions from the crowd he said his goodbyes as the crowd gave him one more loud round of applause showing the support he had received from the Kean family. After the show was over Kenan ended up staying for a little while as he took pictures with people that were in attendance, showing his gratitude to Kean.

The Comedic Storytelling was one to remember, with everyone full of joy and laughs as this event was one of the highlights of Unity Week.