Greek Life Showed Out For The God And Goddess Pageant

The 2024 Greek God and Goddess Talent Pageant was full of good vibes and good outfits.

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Greek Life Showed Out For The God And Goddess Pageant
Greek and Goddess 2024
Wayne Dawes

On Thursday, March 28, Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Incorporated the Delta Quanyx chapter hosted the Greek God and Goddess Talent Pageant in the Little Theater at Miron Student Center from 6:45 p.m. to 10 p.m.The participants in the event were all from Greek life and the audience got to see the diverse outfits from different cultures. To kick off the event Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Incorporated members Zoe Williams and Amber Oritz who were the hostess of the pageant went on stage and got the crowd excited for what was about to take place. Zoe and Amber would give the audience a little background history on the event when it started, and the purpose.

Jocelyn Herelle is a senior majoring in STEM Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, from Burlington, New Jersey, and a member of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Incorporated. Herelle would go on to explain the importance of the pageant.

“ Some of our chapter sisters starting in 1997 started the Greek god and goddess pageant and at first it was for Cerebral palsy but since Kean dance marathon started being about the children’s specialized hospital. It’s just really important for us to raise money and give back to the community and to the children especially because that is one of our national philanthropies,” said Herelle.

The event featured different outfit categories for the participants to wear and for the audience to see, which were the opening attire, dress to impress, and repping their organization and culture. The judges for the event were Kerrin Lyles who is currently the Acting Vice President of Student Affairs, SGA president Makenzie Kuntz, and Shlsea Araujo as DJ Static brought the vibes with the music.

As the contestants were brought to the stage they were met with cheers and shout-outs as the audience was impressed with the outfits presented. The hostess would give background on the specific individual, list their accomplishments, and aspirations beyond undergrad.

After the contestants were done with the Opening attire and repping their organization’s outfits the event took a 30-minute break so the audience and contestants could get refreshed with food and beverages provided by the organization. The food and beverages presented were Coxinha, empanadas, cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, Capri sun juice, Pepsi, and water.

Once the break was over, everyone was back at Little Theater ready to see the last two attires and who will be the god and goddess of the pageant. After two more attires were presented, with the music loud and the crowd entertained it was time to crown the winners. Between Jonathan Estivene and Josiah Ramellawan, Josiah would take the Greek God title as his attires caught the attention of the judges and the audience. The goddess title was between Sherelle McQueen, Ashley Muhando, and Afiah Smith, With McQueen taking the title as both winners were met with applause.

The Greek god and Goddess pageant was a great opportunity for people to see how diverse Greek culture is especially in the fashion world. Not only does this event showcase the Greeks but the main purpose is to raise funds for the children’s specialized hospital.