Research Day: Getting Educated About Our Planet

Research Days: Getting Educated About Our Planet

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Ch'nya Howard and Wayne Dawes

From April 15 to 17, Kean University hosted the 2024 Kean Research Days. Kean Research Days is held annually in recognition of faculty-student research and unique undertakings. The Undergraduate Poster Presentations were held at Downs Hall from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. and the Graduate Poster Presentations were held at the STEM Atrium from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Students at the Undergraduate Poster Presentations presented many topics such as the impact of AI in the financial markets, the value of Nike, and the significance of emotional intelligence in management.

Gianna Prinzo, a sophomore and Interior Design major from Pompton Lakes explained her research project she has worked on for 15 weeks.

“I researched redlining in New Jersey and the effects on non-white communities. Redlining was this process that was done back during the Great Depression as a way to redistribute loans. The Federal Housing Authority and the Homeowners Loan Corporation determined what was profitable and nonprofitable. And they believed that the white communities were profitable and the non-white communities were nonprofitable. So essentially, they took a red market on a map and drew lines distinguishing between the profitable and nonprofitable communities," said Prinzo.

Many students were recognized for their discoveries and dedication to their research. Siyun Yang won Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year- Natural Sciences, Justin Antonio won Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year - Social Sciences, and Tristram Dacayan was awarded Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year - Formal Sciences.

Juliana Ross, a sophomore majoring in Interior Design gave the CougarsByte a quick description of what her project is about.

“ My project is the impact of colors on food labels and food preferences. In my survey I had people choose a chip bag based on the color and the colors were orange, blue, brown, and green and people often chose the colors blue and green because alot of products that are healthier are the colors blue and green,” said Ross.

“ Then I had people choose between four different salad combinations, the first two salad combinations were more dull as the other two salad combinations were more bright including more fruits, in my study people chose 3 and 4 because the salads had more color variety. Many people who choose a meal often go for more color combinations.”

Ross would explain how she felt about being able to present her project and what she hoped the students would get from the research days.

“ Good I’ve been getting alot of good feedback which is good and definitely networking as my roommate has received a few business cards and a potential internship,” said Ross.

The annual Research Days was a great opportunity for students to represent their project and what they studied, as well as students were able to connect with others and learn more about the earth, the economy, and human consumption.