Meet the Greeks Performances: Spring 2019

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, the Spring 2019 Kean University "Meet the Greeks" were held in Harwood Arena. Meet the Greeks provides students with the opportunity to meet the Greek organization members and learn all about Kean University's recognized Greek-letter organizations. Here are all the performances with the organizations and times listed below. Nu Theta Chi- 1:17 Sigma Theta Chi- 2:49 Nu Sigma Phi- 5:09 Beta Kappa Psi- 6:21 Nu Delta Pi- 7:17 Gamma Psi Epsilon- 10:42 Delta Sigma Theta- 13:10 Delta Phi Epsilon- 15:02 Sigma Beta Chi- 16:59 Lambda Delta Chi- 19:23 Lambda Tau Omega- 21:57 Mu Sigma Upsilon- 30:08 Lambda Sigma Upsilon- 01:41:36 Phi Beta Sigma- 35:46 Theta Phi Alpha- 46:23 Iota Phi Theta- 01:46:49 Tau Kappa Epsilon- 48:03 Chi Upsilon Sigma- 49:39 Sigma Beta Tau- 56:07 Lambda Upsilon Lambda- 59:26 Omega Psi Phi- 01:58:49 Lambda Theta Phi- 01:15:08 Omega Phi Chi- 01:07:09 Omega Sigma Psi- 01:21:42 Sigma Gamma Rho- 01:27:15 Lambda Theta Alpha- 01:33:05 Alpha Phi Alpha- 01:54:30

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