Come Compete At Let's Charrette!

School of Design challenges students' collaborative and creative skills in annual event

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Come Compete At Let's Charrette!

Robert Busch School of Design is celebrating the innovation and collaboration of students

Marcus Van Diver

On Thursday, March 30, 2017, The Robert Busch School of Design is hosting its 6th annual Let's Charrette event, an event for young designers from different levels of talent and expertise to collaborate and improvise with one another. This will be a contest for the students participating, as they must work together on a project with a short deadline against other teams!

Let's Charrette, a Gruskin Group event, is a competition that pits designers from all different fields against an impossible deadline to solve a design challenge. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 10 teams of designers -- all containing members from various design fields -- will be tasked with competing against each other in a charrette to design and present the best item that showcases brand identity, packaging, retail environment design, fixture displays and interior graphics.

Achieving this task will not be easy, as the teams that will have members from different fields of study are prone to having different perceptions and ideas on how to complete the task at hand. With everyone looking at the problem from a different point of view, designers will not only learn valuable design skills to apply in their majors and careers, but also be able to practice negotiation and listening skills with different partners. Individual strengths and weaknesses will be assessed and improved for those who wish to compete.

Exact details have not yet been released to the public about this year's project. However, students can find out more about Kean University's annual event celebrating collaborative and design skills at the School of Design's Let's Charrette informational page.

Additionally, find out more about the Let's Charrette program by visiting the Thinking Creatively Conference's official website.

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