Going Back To The ROOTS

The African Students Association is set to host a mic night

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Going Back To The ROOTS

Come hear personal thoughts on the African culture and society

Marcus Van Diver

The African Students Association is hosting a program called ROOTS on Thursday, February 23, 2017. 

This event is scheduled to feature Kean University students with many different perspectives and personalities as they will have a discussion about issues plaguing the African American society as a whole. Additionally, this mic night is open to anybody with a different belief or a solution to the social problems of the world.

Friends, family and alumni are encouraged to attend this open mic night. There, Kean University students will also express their thoughts about African American history and their own cultural experiences through creative poetry, rap and spoken word all while tasty pastries and refreshments are being served. Come out and enjoy ROOTS!

The African Students Association is committed to providing students with the opportunity to explore African culture through its diversity, with many activities that encourage the building of knowledge, commitment and pride of African people. The organization welcomes students of different color, ethnicity and religion who are interested in the African culture.

For more information on this event, email the African Students Association at olofinjw@kean.edu or call (973) 704-0712.

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