Way To Go Kean Online!

Kean University's online programs ranked top 10 in New Jersey

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Way To Go Kean Online!

Kean University continues to offer one of the most affordable tuition costs in New Jersey

Marcus Van Diver

Value Colleges recently named Kean Online as the ninth best online program in New Jersey! 

The purpose of this listing was to highlight the most affordable, high-quality online degree options for college students across the country.

Value Colleges creates detailed guides to answer the financial and professional questions of college students everywhere, as their rankings are based off regional accreditation, institutional reputation, cost and online program availability.

With the institution's six online degrees, Kean University was ultimately chosen for its tuition rates. The institution's online education, whose prices stand to be one of the lowest in the northeastern region, costs around $11,500 a year. Only Thomas Edison State University (TESU) in Trenton, New Jersey has a lower price of $6,100 with its online programs. 

Kean University was also recognized for expanding its already growing online programs by establishing cooperative partnerships with New Jersey's many community colleges to create a pathway for students into online bachelor's completion programs.

"Kean [University] prides itself on being New Jersey's most affordable comprehensive university by providing world-class education that is taught face to face and online," said Marsha McCarthy, the acting associate vice president of enrollment management at Kean University. "The fact that Value Colleges recognized the programs so quickly speaks to the quality and affordability of our online offerings."

The university's online academic programs started in January of last year, but the variety of the programs inspired Value Colleges to put Kean University on the list. 

From online programs that range from business and criminal justice to educational administration and computer information systems, Kean Online has become a highly-regarded option for those who wish to get their degree online.

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