The New Greeks on the Block: Meet Lambda Upsilon Lambda!

Lambda Upsilon Lambda makes its debut on Kean's Campus

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The New Greeks on the Block: Meet Lambda Upsilon Lambda!

Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Kean's newest Greek letter organization, was present at the Spring 2017 Meet the Greeks. 

Marcus Van Diver

At Kean University, Greek life is a commodity like no other. There are over 30 different fraternities and sororities currently on Kean University's campus, each displaying their many colors and letters as they help improve the communities around them. Recently, Kean University inducted a new group of brotherhood into their Greek Family.

The new fraternity on the Kean University campus, Lambda Upsilon Lambda (LUL) Fraternity Incorporated is a Latino-based and multi-ethnic community service organization whose membership is rich in diversity. There are over 60 undergraduate chapters at over 83 different institutions across the country. In addition to the undergraduate chapters, the fraternity possesses 14 graduate chapters throughout the United States.

Also, its mission is to seek to taking a role of leadership in meeting the needs of the Latino community through academic success, cultural awareness, community service and recognition of the Latino culture and people. Their fraternal motto is "La Unidad Para Siempre," which equates to "a unity that will last forever."

LUL is widely regarded as the first Latino organization to be chartered at all Ivy League institutions, or the group of long established private colleges and universities that include the likes of Harvard and Princeton University.   

The brothers of LUL, or "La Unidad Latina," made their debut at Meet The Greeks on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 in Harwood Arena. They all flaunted their brown and gold letters with shirts that had "Campus Takeover" on the back. Their goal is to do exactly that, while familiarizing themselves with the Kean University student body. The vice president of the Gamma Eta Professional Chapter of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Randy Convery attests to this fact. As the vice president of his graduate chapter, Randy is in charge of overseeing its operations throughout the states of New Jersey and Philadelphia. 

"It was our first time performing [at Kean University] and we were here last semester just to get a feel of the campus, but to be invited and be allowed the opportunity to expand was an honor. We had guys from all over the region, even Pennsylvania, that came out and supported Meet The Greeks, it all came in full circle," Convery said. "We look forward to doing [service for the Kean community], and we thank this institution for the opportunity!"

LUL will also experience its 35th anniversary on Sunday, February 19, 2017! Convery also says that LUL plans to have an active undergraduate chapter on Kean's campus by the Fall 2017 semester.

In regards to how his fraternity is different from the other Greek organizations at this school, Convery noted that LUL is unique because of its involvement. With the world's different social issues, they have tried to expand and build upon the foundation that was established for them 35 years ago. 

"Our efforts are not to be okay with who we are by settling, but make the future bright with the aspirations of who we want to be going forward," Convery said.

One of LUL's many aspirations is one of its community service initiatives, known as the P.A.T.H.E. (Providing Access To Higher Education) program, which strives to help middle and high school students in their path to achieving a degree from a four year college. Additionally, it also hands out its "Elite Scholarship" to high school students who have plans of higher education in their future that have excelled at their level.

With all of the history, brotherhood and community service that LUL has created in the past 35 years, Kean University is proud and welcome to introduce a new fraternity to the campus' Greek Family.

When asked how this fraternity has made him a better person, Convery said, "This fraternity has taken me out of my comfort zone, just because the support I had. Sometimes, you do not want to take a leap of faith because you will be all by yourself. But when it came down to it, I always had brothers supporting me. That by itself allowed me to build a better confidence for what I was pursuing. Most importantly, we are all serving a common goal of helping minority communities and giving back."

For anyone that is interested, just reach out to the brothers of LUL by way of their website, and at Randy Convery's email of will have one of their first informationals on Friday, February 17, 2017. 

"We would love for the Kean community to find out who we really are!" 

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