See Things Differently At An Alternate Approach!

This experience in perspective is taking place at the Zella Frye Theatre

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See Things Differently At An Alternate Approach!

An Alternate Approach will take place from Friday, March 31 to Saturday, April 8, 2017

Marcus Van Diver

Kean University's Zella Frye Theatre at Vaughn-Eames Hall is hosting a new and innovative workshop called An Alternate Approach: An Experience in Perspective from Friday, March 31, 2017 to Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Various teams of designers, directors and choreographers will not treat this event like a typical production. Instead, the teams will flip the process of production on its head as they approach a popular American short story in order to bring unique points of view from all members of a team.

The short story, titled "The Yellow Wallpaper" by American writer Charlotte Perkins Stetson, is a first-person narrative about a young wife, mother and artist who struggles with depression, and is subjected to a three-month "rest cure" to treat her ailment. This story is considered a classic, as it speaks to creative minds everywhere.

Teams will be tasked with not only critically listening to the narrator's dilemma, but collaboratively coming up with a solution to find out what is exactly behind "The Yellow Wallpaper."

Performances will begin in the Murphy-Dunn Theatre, then the audience will be asked to move from space to space. These nights are full of unforgettable exploration, emotion, location and perspective. Those interested are encouraged to come with an open mind and critical eye in order to truly enjoy this eye-opening experience. For more information on the event and tickets, the Kean Stage website will have more details. 

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