Get The Details On Kean's Advisement Weeks!

The 27-day program is designed to steer students on the path to Graduation

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Get The Details On Kean's Advisement Weeks!
Marcus Van Diver

Kean University scheduled its annual Advisement Weeks from Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to Wednesday, April 5, 2017, in the hopes of supplying fun-filled and informative events for the Kean student body to enjoy.

These events are designed to navigate students through advisement and registration for the upcoming summer and fall 2017 semesters. From workshops to information sessions, students will have a better understanding of the process and importance of advisement, with tips to steer students toward the path to graduation.

Emily Cubliete, the student ambassador for the Office of Student Government, attests to the fact that Advisement Weeks are more than just a chance to meet advisers and have holds taken off of Kean Wise.

"Over the course of this year's Advisement Weeks, many students had an opportunity to follow a weekly schedule and understand all the opinions we have at Kean University. Some of the workshops included Picking and Exploring your major, how to read your guide sheets, understanding whats next after advisement and more," said Cubliete.

The 27-day program is made to help students to not only understand their major and the prerequisites they require to obtain a degree, but also get a chance to meet the professors and faculty in these students' majors that host these programs. After these three to four weeks, they have an understanding of the availability for help that these faculty members can provide. Cubliete believes that this is the most important aspect of the program.

"Advisement Week is essential for students to succeed and be on the right path to graduation. In order to graduate on time, students must be informed on the four-year plan and what it will take to get there. Students will know what classes, electives, even what major to pick to guarantee success in the future. Knowing that we offer advisement for our students helps them feel secured about being on the right track," Cubliete said.

As for how the students benefit from these trusted advisors in all fields of study, the student ambassador claims that there is still much work to be done to appease all of the students who attend this event yearly. 

"For those students who seek advisement, it benefits them to know that the four-year plan is a promised deal," Cubliete. "As long as the student is taking the advisement and the faculty is ensuring creditable advisement, Kean students will be on the right path towards graduation."

The three-week event stretches all throughout Kean University, with events happening in the Miron Student Center (MSC) Little Theatre to the Administration Building to the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success. Informative workshops, such as the One-Stop Service Center Open House and the Tutoring 101- Going from Good to Great workshop will give the attendees an understanding of the different services that Kean University offers its student body to assist them on the path to graduation.

For more information on the three-week program, visit the Advisement Week page at the official Kean University website.

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