A Safe Campus Starts With Students

An overview of the Student Code of Conduct

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A Safe Campus Starts With Students

Students abiding by the Student Code of Conduct 

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

In order to ensure that Kean University remains a place where learning is bolstered and students are improved, students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct (Code).

The Student Code of Conduct is simply a set of guidelines that align with community values and are designed to maintain order and safety on campus. The Code consists of five areas that reflect the behavior that Kean University students ought to exemplify at all times. The five areas are integrity, fairness, community, respect and responsibility. 

If any area is violated, due processes will occur to ensure that the appropriate consequences are dealt. Such processes are supervised by the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct (CSSC).

Students ought to uphold integrity in all situations. Violations of integrity include acts of dishonesty, such as forgery, tampering, false reports, in addition to breaching trust or authority, misuse or unauthorized use of images and the names of Kean University, its organizations and the intentional theft of property belonging to Kean University or its students.

Students must also maintain fairness. Violations of fairness include the obstruction of the freedom of movement by students, faculty, staff and visitors, in addition to failure to adhere to Kean university processes and abuse of the campus conduct system.

Students should place the same emphasis on community as Kean University does. Violations include the failure to respect the community, damage to campus property or grounds, interference with Kean University operations, teaching, administration and the like. Moreover, possession of firearms and gambling are violations of community.

Students also should respect people, property and the community. Respect is the area of the Code with the most violations. Some violations that should be noted are bullying, discrimination, sexual misconduct and hazing.

The last area of the Code is responsibility, which students should seek to have in all situations. Violations include intentionally or unintentionally starting a fire, abuse of prescription medications, failure to discourage or attempt to prevent others from violating the Student Code of Conduct, an operation of a business and any violation of local, state and federal laws. 

The two most important violations of responsibility are possession and distribution of both alcohol and drugs. Kean University is a dry campus with zero tolerance for alcohol and drug consumption and distribution. For more information, check out the university's drug and alcohol policy

The Student Code of Conduct was not created to restrict students. Instead, it was designed to make certain that the college experience is safe, orderly and beneficial to each individual present at Kean University. 

The Director of the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct, Nicole Rodriguez, brought clarity to the fact that the code is not restrictive. 

"The code is in place to ensure that students have a sense of what Kean University values within the community. The code is not intended to inhibit students from enjoying college life," said Rodriguez. 

A safe, vigorous campus starts with each individual student.

Rodriguez continued, "However when there is a violation, the process that the code enforces is one that is meant to foster student development and reflection. It is my hope that students share the values that make up the code and agree that it protects the interests of all the campus community."

With each student that abides by the Code, Kean University takes a step towards its goal of becoming a safe environment that fosters academic learning and discourse.

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