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Rooms at residence halls have multiple guaranteed amenities like beds, desk, desk chairs and internet 

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Living on campus is a highly exciting experience that differs from living at home in numerous ways. Because it is a new experience that most are unaccustomed to, Kean University has a sufficient amount of resources designed to make a resident's life on campus as comfortable and beneficial as possible. 

Maximina Rivera, the Assistant Vice President of Residential Student Services, stresses that "the residential program at a Kean University does much more than house students. Kean University's residential program promotes an environment conducive to academic and personal growth."

Yet it is up to each student to truly take advantage of the resources available to boost their college residential experience. In order to be a pro when it comes to campus living, resident students ought to know all the resources that the residence halls have to offer.

The facilities on campus continue to improve the quality and the quantity of its resources. Kean University has a total of eight residence halls. 

New Freshman Residence Hall is designated for freshmen, and it features the much of the same amenities as the other freshmen residence halls and more. The new freshman residence hall features traditional style suite containing two double bedrooms connected by a common area and a private full bathroom. 

Like all rooms in each residence halls, the following amenities are included: beds, desks, desk chairs, wardrobes,small refrigerators and microwaves. The new freshman residence hall also has suites furnished with cable TV, internet, telephone and individually controlled heating and air conditioning system. Each floor has 15 suites, 2 resident assistants, a floor lounge with a flat screen, a game room, multipurpose rooms and a laundromat style laundry room with coinless washers and dryers. 

New Upperclassmen Residence Hall is for upperclassmen only. It features two double bedrooms, suites with three double bedrooms and four single bedrooms. Some additional amenities include a living room with sofas, chairs, end tables and TV stands and a kitchen room with a round dining table, four chairs, a full refrigerator and more. Moreover, the first floor has a 300 seat buffet style cafeteria, a game room, a computer lab and more. 

For more information on the other residence halls and their amenities, click here.

Residence Halls are not just a place for students to live. They are meant to provide students with the opportunity to successfully adjust to living away on campus and increased independence.Through the means of living learning communities, residents are able to grow into well-rounded individuals who are apt and ready for their future plans. 

The STEM Living Learning Community is designed for STEM majors. This community aids students in exploring their career options pertaining to their particular major and forming a crucial network with professionals in their desired field. This community also provides Resident Assistant programs personalized to one's interests, vital tips from upperclassmen and study sessions with other STEM majors. 

The Women Empowered By Living and Learning (W.E.L.L.) Community is center around females, providing networking opportunities to female professionals. Moreover, it focuses on empowering its members into being more confident in leadership abilities and healthy living. This community allows for female students to become very active on campus and in the community, and it also allows for students to have a Resident Assistant program personalized to one's interests. 

Last of the three living learning communities is the Leadership Living Learning Community. This community focuses on developing students into leaders and active members of the community. This community provides volunteer opportunities, leadership experience vital for the future and Resident Assistant programs personalized to one's interests. 

For more information on more living learning communities and how to apply for them, click here.

In addition to the living learning communities, the Office of Residential Student Services offers the ACCESS program. This program is designed to assist residential students who are falling below the expected academic standards. In order for students to reside on campus, they must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Thus, ACCESS can prove to be a vital resource for resident students.

ACCESS is composed of the following three services designed to help students improve their grades: Tutoring Services, Mentor Programs and Workshop Series. 

Tutoring provides student assistance in the subjects areas of math, science and writing. The mentor program is designed for first-year resident students who fail to maintain the expected academic standard in the first semester. 

To ensure that the students can take steps towards improving their grades, they are assigned an ACCESS coach. This coach serves as a mentor, aiding the student in achieving a successful second semester.

If students continue to fail to meet their academic goals, ACCESS workshops are available. These workshops teach students essential skills (i.e. stress management and study tactics) that will improve their academic experience. 

Once again, residence halls have much more to offer than just a place to rest one's head. If utilized properly, students can get the most out of their campus living. Whether it is joining a living learning community to expedite the transition to campus living, relaxing in the lounges in the residence halls or utilizing one of the ACCESS services to improve academic standing, students can take the essential steps towards becoming pros at campus living and making the residence hall work most for them.

For additional information on housing rates, meal plans, move-in information and anything pertaining to the Resident Halls, visit Residential Information.

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