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Getting Social With Kean

 Kean University, involving its students through social media 

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

How can students stay connected with Kean University? Kean University is known for its education and dedication towards its students. In order for students to become involved, Kean offers many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The first social media platform is Facebook, which Kean University has different groups, including ones for specific graduating classes. Some of the pages are sub pages for Kean University. Kean University's Facebook page consists of posts that deal with clubs and departments on campus. Its purpose is to prepare students to think critically, to adapt changes and to promote serving and contributing to the community.

The Kean University Facebook page also offers graduating class pages which allow students to interact with others students in their class. It is a great way for students to find roommates to dorm with, to find great prices on textbooks, to communicate to each other about classes and professors and to overall stay connected with each other. 

After Facebook comes Twitter. Kean University connects with students on Twitter by sharing videos, photos and other inspirational posts as well. Kean uses Twitter as a great way to update students on day to day events or activities planned on campus. 

Lastly, Kean University's Instagram focuses more on the photographic aspect of Kean University. Photos can be seen at different events on campus like graduation or other activities. The Instagram page shows the diversity and beauty of the campus and its students.

The Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) is one of the groups that share its information through social media. CLS is committed to providing student leadership, service opportunities and supporting students in their attempt to impact the campus and community. CLS has the mission to help students with their personal development through program development and policies. 

CLS also strives to aid in leadership, education, community service, service learning and involvement through the support and encouragement of peers and mentors. Through Facebook posts, CLS is able to share the many programs and activities students can be a part of.

Some of the departments that stem from CLS are the Leadership Institute, Student Group Development, Greek Life, Jumpstart, Community Service and Volunteering and The Cougar's Byte student newsletter.

The Leadership Institute is a four-year certification program that focuses on many areas including:

  • T2K Bronze Leadership Program 
  • Silver Leadership Program 
  • Gold Leadership Program 
  • Platinum Leadership Program  

T2K Bronze is offered to incoming first-year students in order to build their student leadership at Kean, become involved on campus and build connections with peers and other leaders. The Silver Leadership Program is offered to second-year students in order to help students maintain their success and involvement at Kean. The Gold Leadership Program is offered to third-year students in order to show students how their efforts for social change individually or in groups can have a global impact. Lastly, the Platinum Leadership Program is offered as a fourth-year development program which combines skills learned from the previous programs and skills need for future endeavors after graduation.

The student group development program is offered to build and recognize student groups like Greek organizations, honor societies, student governments, clubs and organizations. As a part of student group development, Greek life plays a role. Greek organizations have a mission to promote and preserve scholarships, service leadership, campus involvement and brotherhood/sisterhood.

Jumpstart is an organization that seeks to aid in children's early education by offering partnerships between the child and the Jumpstart Corps Member. The curriculum helps children develop language and literacy skills needed for kindergarten.

CLS serves the Kean community as a student-focused connection point for student involvement and campus engagement. CLS encourages active citizenship and celebrates individual and community involvement. In order to achieve such goals, students are offered community service and volunteering opportunities.

The Cougar's Byte student newsletter serves to provide students, faculty and staff information regarding student life and other necessities connected with Kean. The Cougar's Byte covers campus life, events, event previews, informational data, campus news and university related features. 

Furthermore, through social media, students can stay in touch with the university and are given opportunities to participate in activities and events as well.

Students should stay connected and get social with Kean!

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