Kicking Off The Fall Semester

Cougar Kick-Off is a reminder that summer is not over just yet

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Kicking Off The Fall Semester

Students posing with Kean Cougar for a photo at Cougar Kick-Off

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Cougar Kick-Off was an amazing way to start the fall semester. Held from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., the event was sponsored by Student Organization of Kean University with one main goal: to remind students that summer is not over yet. 

Both new and returning students swarmed the newly refurbished Miron Student Center patio where the summer themed event was held. Music was blasted throughout the area, attracting any passersby. Students lined up at the vendors and tables scattered all over the patio while others enjoyed summer backyard games such as bean bag toss and limbo. Students could satisfy their sweet tooth at a create-your-own-candy bag station or a Ben and Jerry's ice cream kiosk.

Student Organization did an extremely good job in creating a summery atmosphere for the students on the first day of school. "[We set up this event] for the new and old students to socialize and have something to do [on the first day] other than just school," said senior Teresa Carr, a psychology major who is a part of Student Organization. 

Rahil Ninche, a communications major in her junior year, also was with Carr when asked about why they set up the event. Ninche said that she wanted all students to have an opportunity to "get to know Kean University better".

The event seemed to do exactly that as students were able to familiarize themselves with the culture here at Kean and socialize with other students of Kean. 

In regards to how effective Cougar Kick-Off was at bringing students together before summer comes to a close, Marina Faustin, senior chemistry major, said that it was "a nice get-together event. [It was] a great way to end summer and start the semester of classes. [I am] happy with the free food and free everything."  

All in all, the turnout was phenomenal as there was a constant flow of people into the Miron Student Center patio. Simply swiping ones Kean ID card granted students access to free food, free t-shirts and free ice cream. As a testament to the large turnout and all the free stuff offered, Student Organization ran out of t-shirts and the Ben and Jerry's ice cream kiosk ran out of three of its four available flavors.  

When asked about why he came out, Alex Gasiwski, senior psychology major, mentioned, "I pretty much came for the free food. And also to see what was going on."

With all the free incentives and the reminder that summer was not over quite yet, students truly seemed to enjoy Cougar Kick-Off, which will continue to be a huge part of the start of the fall semester for years to come. 


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Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Caleb Lopez is the Senior Editor of The Cougar's Byte. Caleb joined the staff as a Staff Writer in May 2017. Currently in his junior year, Caleb is a psychology major with a minor in biology. In the rare moments when he is not vigorously studying, Caleb loves to spend his time indulging in sports, music and food—especially Chick-fil-a.