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Student government as the voice of the student body

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Of The Students, For The Students

The Office of Student Government acts as the voice of the student body   

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Kean University is focused on the academic and personal growth of each individual student. To aid in the development of each student, Kean University possesses a student government.

The Office of Student Government caters to the student body, serving as representatives for which change can occur. Student government acts as the middle man between the student body and the university. 

Student Body Executive President Damion Wilson cleanly describes Student Government as the "voice of the students". When asked about how students benefit from Student Government, Wilson stated that "we [Student Government] address the concerns of the students while trying to ensure that they have the best college experience possible." Overall, Student Government is a plus to all students. 

There are two branches of student government at Kean University: the Student Organization of Kean University and the Graduate and Part-time Student Council.

The Student Organization of Kean University handles all business related to full-time undergraduate students. The organization works hard to ensure that Kean University is a place that fosters academic discussion and personal development.

The Graduate and Part-time Student Council bears similar goals aimed at graduate and part-time students. Both branches of student government seek to develop students both in and out of the classroom. 

Student Organization of Kean University has a large amount of various funded and non-funded groups. Students are free to join these clubs and organizations. Ultimately, these groups provide students with knowledge about a specific field or subject, a beneficial extracurricular activity and a unifying community experience.

For a list of all the funded groups, visit the Student Government website.

In addition to the Student Organization of Kean University and the Graduate and Part-time Student Council, PULSE is a vital part of student government. PULSE is the student-led programming committee of student government. As a result, it handles the organization of various events designed for students.

The programming committee attempts to create more opportunities for student involvement and unity on campus. PULSE sets up events that are academic-based and entertainment-based while being extremely affordable to the student body. Events include concerts, workshops, lectures and more.

The Office of Student Government also runs the Commuter Resource Center. Located at Hutchinson Hall in room 130, this center is solely focused on ensuring that commuters enjoy their experience here at Kean. It can be challenging for commuters to feel a part of campus life.Through planning events and programs, the Commuter Resource Center provides commuters with opportunities to increase their involvement on campus. 

Moreover, it can be challenging to balance school and life. The Commuter Resource Center provides resources for commuters that will allow them to be better equipped at juggling the different facets of life. Printers, microwaves and lockers are just a handful of resources the center has that commuters can take advantage of.   

The most important facet of the Office of Student Government is that it is run by students. Thus, they are truly able to be the voice of the student body because they are students themselves. 

Although they have many individuals currently in student government positions, they could always use more manpower. If a student seeks to get involved with student government, he or she can join funded groups, PULSE or the Student Organization of Kean University. Moreover, positions in the Student Government Office are available.

Getting involved in Student Organization can serve as an additional student benefit. Hailey Cruz, the Graduate and Part Time Student Council President, emphasized that they "are always looking for dedicated members to become involved..." 

In addition, Cruz mentioned, "Student Organization offers great employment positions for students that enhance professionalism...whether it's [a position] at student aid, the executive board, or the programming board."

All in all, the Office of Student Government is a vital piece of Kean University. It is the student government that brings students' requests and concerns to the forefront. They make sure that they serve as the voice of the student body. 

By keeping the students' interests in mind and ensuring that they appropriately represent Kean University, the student government is able to help Kean University to be a highly beneficial environment conducive to academic learning and personal growth.

For more information on involvement, visit the Office of Student Government.

To contact the Office of Student Government, call 908-737-5190, email stuorg@kean.edu, or visit rooms 309, 304 or 313 located in the Miron Student Center. Yet the easiest way to connect with Student Government is through social media. Follow @keanstudentgov on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with what they have going on.

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