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Searching To Lend A Helping Hand

Lending a helping hand to better the community

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

At Kean University, there are many ways to get involved on-campus and off-campus. One of the ways to serve the community off-campus is by doing community service.

Community service projects are readily available for students who want to lend a helping hand for a project, group or place. There are several ways to go about looking for community service projects and registering for them.

Every student looking to sign up for community service events during their time at Kean are encouraged to be part of Cougar Volunteers. Being part of Cougar Volunteers helps students be aware of the open service projects where volunteers are needed.

Occasionally, an email will be sent to all members of Cougar Volunteers informing about service opportunities with their dates, times and other information regarding the type of service that is requested. In addition to e-mails, annual service events will be posted on Cougar Link, under the The Center of Leadership and Service (CLS) or Cougar Volunteers events.

The CLS is in charge of majority of the community service projects and any student with a question about being involved can always stop by their office for help or assistance on the upcoming opportunities. When visiting the Miron Student Center (MSC) room 219, students can be assisted with a service specialist and learn more about the other opportunities on and off campus. Of course, providing one's name and contact information is always a great way to get their foot in the room of volunteering.

Do not worry, for there are other opportunities at Kean University to volunteer or provide service!

Many student groups and organizations try to branch outside to the community and host fundraisers and service events. For example, Kean University Council for Exceptional Children (KUCEC) will be volunteering their time with the Special Olympics of New Jersey. In previous semesters, clubs like the Earth Science Club (ESC) volunteered to plant dune grass at Bradley Beach's dunes for The Surfrider Foundation.

"There are so many ways to approach being involved with service projects," said Emely Hernandez, sophomore psychology major and service specialist at CLS. "There's Cougar Link--all our events are posted there. There's posters all around campus that have information about our upcoming events. We do tabling in the MSC Alumni Atrium, giving information on the service projects. We're even on social media like Instagram @keanvolunteers, but students can always just come in our office and ask!"

The volunteer projects offered at Kean University are not limited to just helping children or helping the environment. There are so many other choices such as helping women, feeding the homeless or assisting animals. All it takes is for a student to have the drive and motivation to help out.

Keep in mind that being a Kean University volunteer comes with many benefits and a lot of students are eager to participate, so space is limited. But once again, there is no need to worry because if students cannot volunteer for the upcoming project, there will be room in the next project!

For more information, students can check out Cougar Link and register for groups like KUCEC, ESC or Cougar Volunteers.

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