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The Best Way To Represent!
Marcus Van Diver

 Throughout the years, Kean University students purchase Kean attire to represent their university, as well as feel comfortable on campus. But what is the best Kean gear that students love the most? Every semester, there is a fashion trend that students will follow, which will affect their purchase.

The most popular Kean apparel bought from the Barnes and Noble located at Green Lane Academic Building (GLAB) differs from head gear to bottoms.

John Cusick, store manager of the Barnes and Noble, shared information on the top selling apparel at the store. 

"Everyone loves the fleece pullover sweater," Cusick said. "Each semester, we sell those pullover sweaters because it's always been popular among the students."

In addition to the comfort these pullover sweaters provide, they are office appropriate around campus. Student workers are allowed to wear this school-sponsored attire when it gets cold in the workplace. 

Hoodies, in general, have been a fashion trend as they serve the purpose of going with any look. From workout attire to school gear, the hoodies that can be purchased in the Green Lane Building's Barnes and Noble Bookstore are a fashion statement for everyone.

The Maroon hats (pictured middle) are a bestseller among the students who shop at the bookstore. 

Another particular article of clothing that is popular among the student body is the collection of hats that the store has to offer. These pieces of headgear vary in design. Some have simple designs with the occasional Kean lettering, such as the best-selling Maroon-colored Legacy Relaxed Twill Adjustable Hat. Others are more stylistic and multi-purpose. Customers can choose sponsored Kean gear from brands such as Champion, Under Armour and Nike to wear fashionably or to exercise in.

"For a long time now, we have had the same graphics and colors, and we have changed that so that we have different fonts and designs," Cusick said. 

A notable customer favorite, the "Powder Blue Under Armour t-shirt" has flown off of the shelves. Cusick mentioned that Student athletes are the predominant buyers of these light blue t-shirts and because of their popularity, they have become a bestseller.

As the Fall season approaches, students will need to bundle up to prepare for the cold. Fortunately, the bookstore provides a wide array of comfortable sweatpants, long-sleeved shirts and jackets perfect for besting the incoming cool air. "All of our fall and winter clothing sells fairly well, but I think that the Champion Straight Leg sweatpants are enjoyed the most," Cusick mentioned.

The Barnes and Noble Bookstore offers a variety of school-sponsored gear from athletic brands such as Nike and Under Armour.

Jackets and hoodies will be a necessity for the upcoming fall semester and the popular athletic brand Under Armour happens to be a school-wide favorite, according to the store's manager. "Though it has a higher price, it is long-lasting. I have worked with this company for more than eighteen years and students say it is their favorite brand because of its durability," the store manager mentioned. 

The bookstore, located on Green Lane at the edge of the Union campus, offers a wide choice of school supplies, electronics and fashionable clothing that meets the need of just about every student who attends the school. Additionally, the Barnes and Noble Bookstore's most popular attire and school supplies can also be purchased at the store's second branch, located inside of the Miron Student Center (MSC). For more information, visit the official website of the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The school's bookstore can be reached at the number of (908) 737-4940.

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