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Things To Note About KEANGoogle

 KEANGoogle keeps students in touch with the university and faculty

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

KEANGoogle is the university email system that each student and staff member must activate. KEANGoogle allows for Kean University students and staff to access Gmail and their Google apps.

The Google apps complement the educational experience by providing essential aids for studying. Moreover, all university communication including blast notices and announcements are sent to the KEANGoogle account. Thus, it is important to activate and utilize the KEANGoogle. 

It is important to note that one's personal Gmail account and one's KEANGoogle account are not interchangeable. Both of them contain the same features, including Google apps and the interface. However, KEANGoogle email is the only avenue in which students can receive official Kean communication. 

All types of communication are sent to, which is different from the personal account that follows the format. Withholding from using the KEANGoogle account can lead to mishaps in the future. Students may miss out on important emails from the university, professors, staff, etc. 

To activate the KEANGoogle account, input the user ID and password that the university will have emailed to the personal account that students registered with. If students need assistance with or have any questions concerning their user ID and password, contact the Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS) at 908-737-6000. They are open from Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Note that one must log in to their KEANGoogle account through Kean's KEANGoogle portal located in the cluster of icons on the bottom right of Kean University's website. This is due to the security requirements and account customization associated with KEANGoogle.

Although Kean University partners with Google to make KEANGoogle available, Google has zero access to students' password. Moreover, Google cannot view students' emails, which allows for each KEANGoogle email account to be free of advertisements (AdSense) found in one's personal Gmail account. Individuals never have to worry if one's emails are being sifted through by Google or a third-party. Students' KEANGoogle privacy is of utmost concern.

All in all, KEANGoogle is an important resource that each student must have and grow accustomed to using. With the easy to use interface and additional Google apps, KEANGoogle is a vital resource that is simple to use and effective in aiding students' educational experience.

For additional information on KEANGoogle, visit the website

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