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Get to know Kean's NJAC Field Hockey Player of the Week

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Megan In The House
Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Kean University is proud of its athletics and all that the individual teams are able to accomplish. The success of the athletics programs is a product of the diligence and dedication of each and every student athlete. Megan Houser is one of these exceptional student athletes who contributes to the success of Kean University's field hockey team. 

Houser is a freshman goalkeeper for the field hockey team. She recently won the NJAC Player of the Week award for the week of October 23. This came as a shock to the young goalkeeper.

"I thought it was really cool and surprising because I am only a freshman," Houser said. "To be getting that type of recognition out of all the other players is great and I am thankful for that."

This recognition is well deserved as she was phenomenal during that week. Megan Houser accrued a save percentage of 1.000 in both a 5-0 victory against Eastern Connecticut State University and a 3-0 victory against rivals William Paterson University. 

Houser also won the NJAC Player of the Week two weeks prior, where she also had a perfect save percentage and even had six saves in one game. These two weeks of performances highlight Houser's first season as a Cougar.   

This success as a freshman who has had to transition from the bench to starting goalkeeper sprouts from Houser's nonchalant mentality. She stated,  "My mindset for a game is actually to not really think about it or who we are playing. I just like to listen to my music and not really get excited or nervous."

"I have been playing field hockey since second grade, so I think just playing for that long has helped [in the development of my mindset]," she continued. "Also I have traveled to many different states to play in tournaments, so playing people with different learning backgrounds helps."  

Houser does not get caught up in the opponent or the possible implications that game might have. Instead, she remains focused and ready to perform at her best.

Off the field, Megan Houser is a stellar freshman student majoring in criminal justice. Although she is only in her first semester, she is fully aware that her time at Kean University will prepare her for her future.

When asked about her career goals, Houser said, "My career goal is to become a police officer, then hopefully [I can] work my way into becoming a detective for the FBI." 

Many people who are not student athletes may wonder how they do exactly that—be students and athletes simultaneously. Balancing both academics and athletics may seem challenging, but Houser thought otherwise. 

"I think it is easy balancing academics with field hockey because, with having a set time for practice, it is easy to then plan when to do school work," Houser mentioned. 

She owes her organization to the structure that athletics provides. From having to punctually attend team practices to studying footage of previous games, athletics keeps students organized and helps them develop time management skills. 

The habits developed in her athletic career transfer over to her academic career, and vice versa. Houser approaches both academics and athletics with the same mindset.

"I approach tests and games the same way because I usually like to not think about it right before so that I do not get nervous. I know that if it is tough, I just have to work hard for both academics and athletics."

Exceptional students like Megan Houser are inspirations for the rest of the students on campus. Doubling both as a talented goalkeeper and an aspiring criminal justice major, Houser is a prime example of a student who keeps her priorities straight and stays focused on her career goals. As a result, Houser is a key piece in the legacy of Kean University and the success of the field hockey team. 

Update: Megan Houser also won the NJAC Rookie of the Week award for the week of November 6. For more information on this award and an official NJAC release, visit the Kean Athletics website.                  

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Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

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