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KFT Scholarship Opportunity
Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

The Kean Federation of Teachers (KFT) has announced that it is offering a scholarship contest for all Kean students. Whether a student is full-time, part-time, undergraduate, or graduate, they can apply for this essay contest. However, students must have attended classes in the Fall 2017 semester and will be attending classes in the Spring 2018 semester in order to be eligible.  

Students who apply can earn varying awards based on their status as a student. As a reminder, full-time undergraduate students have over 12 credits in a semester, and part-time students have under 12 credits. Full-time graduate students have at least 9 credits. Full-time undergraduate students are eligible for a $1,200 award, and part-time undergraduate students are eligible for a $600 award. Full-time graduate students can win $1,500, and part-time graduate students can win $750. 

Scholarships will be awarded by the KFT Scholarship Committee to applicants based on the strength of the essay, high academic standing, and financial necessity. As a result, it is important to complete each of these three sections in order to have a chance at receiving the scholarship.

The scholarship essay has a necessary length of 500-800 words, and it should be typed and double-spaced. Students will have a choice of three essay categories with around six prompts each. Students who apply are only required to pick one. Regardless of which is chosen, grammar and spelling will be taken into consideration. Thus, students should proofread thoroughly before submitting their essays.

Apart from the essay, the application has a number of other important requirements. If any of the following KFT application requirements are missing, the entire application will be ignored.

  • The essay
  • Copy of most recent Kean transcript
  • Most recent student and/or family (if the student is not employed) income tax return(s).
  • List of any other scholarships, financial aid or student loans for which you have applied or received, if applicable  
  • Statement of financial need (100-word maximum) 
  • Application form 
  • Submitted to KFT office, Hutchinson Hall, Room 201G by February 22, 2018, by 5 p.m.

Two to four scholarship recipients will be awarded at the Annual KFT Spring Reception on April 30, 2018. Families and guests are welcomed to attend. 

Students have numerous opportunities to receive scholarships here at Kean University. From foundation scholarships to transfer student scholarships, Scholarship Services provides many opportunities for students to earn additional financial assistance. For more information on Scholarship Services, visit the website.

For more information, visit the KFT website. For the application, click here.   

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Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

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