A Man of Many Faces: Abanoub Nakhla's Future is Bright!

A Senior Biology Major and the president of the Greek Senate at Kean University, Nahkla's dreams of success come from his many leadership roles

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A Man of Many Faces: Abanoub Nakhla's Future is Bright!

Abanoub Nakhla, widely known as "Taffy", is a senior pre-med biology major, the current President of Greek Senate, and the Social Chair of his fraternity, Nu Delta Pi.

Marcus Van Diver

The road to success is filled with different twists and turns with each road being different for every person. Regardless of major or occupation, the dream of prosperity in one's life acts as a motivating factor to almost anyone who is working toward a goal. For Abanoub Nakhla, also known as "Taffy", this statement could not be more truthful.

Known widely for his role as the President of Kean University's Greek Senate, Nakhla, a senior pre-med biology major, has worked vehemently to not only be a resonant voice on his campus but a dependable figure for those around him. Nakhla, or Taffy, is an active brother of his fraternity, Nu Delta Pi, having joined the Greek Organization in the spring semester of 2015.

"I hold a lot of roles in the fraternity, but my official position is being the social chair of Nu Delta Pi. I am tasked with putting on different social events, and plans for service events go through me," Nakhla said. "I also have a conduct and standard, where we as a fraternity try to make everything stay in shape, me being an older brother overseeing the entire fraternity. I understand that I have to make sure everything is in place."

Keeping things in order is an everyday task to the senior biology major, whose expertise in his own Greek organization directly translates to his position as the current president of Greek Senate. Nakhla's job often consists of many different roles and practices, all of which Nakhla agrees to be quite humbling.

"My main position is to oversee all Greeks, handle agendas, host and run weekly and bi-weekly meetings, weekly for the executive board, and bi-weekly for the student organizations. If there are any problems with an org., I am supposed to oversee that," the senior biology major commented. "Whether it be with e-board position or personal organization information, anything in that field, I am responsible for covering."

Taffy, a member of the Greek Senate since his induction into Nu Delta Pi, became the President of Kean's Greek Senate, but not without the preparation that went into being introduced to the powerful position first.

"I was always involved with Greek Reps because after I crossed in spring '15, I would go to Greek Rep meetings and I would stay at the meetings and eventually become the New Member Educator. This happened around two years ago," Nakhla said. "I was always tasked with being involved with Greek Senate, whether it was with me bringing in forms, submissions and other things. This year, becoming the president for the 2017 and 2018 school year is when I fully became involved with being on the board. But, I have been a part of Greek Senate ever since I have crossed!"

Additionally, Nakhla's continuously increasing confidence that grew through joining both Greek Senate and Nu Delta Pi has made his job a lot more enjoyable in his final academic year at Kean.

"I have got to be honest with you, when I started the job, I did not feel as if I had what it took to be where I am today. I had no intention of being on Greek Senate at all until I was nominated," Nakhla announced. "I was thinking about it, was told to try it out to see if I would enjoy it, but after that, I guess, I tried to use that I have learned to acquire, and being the president molded me into being more authoritative while becoming a better leader. So, I cannot say that I really fit the expectations, but the expectations were bestowed upon me." 

Also known throughout the campus as the official hype-man for the Greek-sponsored events, Nakhla can usually be spotted on a stage or platform at a Meet The Greeks or a KDM Kickoff, serving as the primary emcee. Though his "Yerr" chants -- his signature chant to greet his audience, gain their attention, or to just get them excited for the festivities -- Taffy's charisma and vibrant personality allow him to be confident with others around him. 

Nakhla wants to use his resonant voice to uplift others, and not use it as a means to gain an advantage over others, as he believes himself to be equals with everyone he comes in contact with. 

"Personally, I do not see myself as a resonant voice on campus. I am one of the people for those who need someone to listen to. I am not above or below anyone. I believe that everyone can have a voice, but the thing is, I try to use that as a stepping stone for other people. I try to preach what I teach, meaning that I attempt to do what I say to others," Nakhla commented. "If I try to make myself look as a stepping stone for others, it is just me taking those steps with those same people." 

Taffy does not believe in going to tell someone to do one thing and not follow up himself as well. "Whatever, or however my voice is used, I try to use it for myself as well, because of learning increases with experience," Nakhla said. 

For Nakhla, the lessons learned from being in his Greek organization have also assisted him in keeping a strong work ethic. The senior admits that his experiences in school have given him the utmost important tools that go into preparation throughout his journey as an undergraduate.

"Being in a fraternity prepares you for the world, but at the same time, being in a fraternity does not want to make you leave. It is easier to be a non-brother than be a brother or a sister of a fraternity or sorority because it comes with a lot of responsibilities. There are not a lot of people who wish to wake up early in the morning on the weekend to go clean up a park. As a fraternity or sorority member, you have to go and do it. It comes with the responsibility," Nakhla commented. "As you are part of a group, community service is the number one priority. Other than just volunteer work, if you have a program, you have to work for that program. You have to submit it, do the paperwork, set up, clean up, host it. It is not like you just join a Greek organization where everything is going to be smooth sailing."

With aspirations of being a surgeon with a focus on cardiology or orthopedics, Nakhla's long road of success, and his dreams of prosperity, will never be out of reach. The sky does not serve as a realistic limit for the senior.  

"Being a leader, I have to know what is right and what is wrong, and some decisions will have to be made. Not everyone is going to like them, and there are going to be some decisions that people will disagree with, but sometimes the decisions that you make that meet disagreement may not always be the correct choice," Nakhla said. "It is more of taking that risk, but at the same time, I have to understand the severity of those risks. If I am going to be a leader, I am willing to learn how to push myself to take that risk."

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