Meet the President of Sigma Beta Chi!

Get to know Victoria Kimberlin-Orsini and her incredible work with Sigma Beta Chi

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Meet the President of Sigma Beta Chi!

Victoria Kimberlin-Orsini with her 75 hours of community service award.

Brandon Gervais, Editor

President of Sigma Beta Chi Victoria Kimberlin-Orsini perfectly displays the benefits of being involved and taking full advantage of the college experience. In her years at Kean, she has dedicated herself to a double major in elementary education and sociology, as well as being the president of the well respected Sigma Beta Chi sorority. In 2017, Kimberlin-Orsini won a scholarship and service award for having 75 hours of community service. 

Education runs in Kimberlin-Orsini's family as her grandfather is a retired teacher, guidance counselor and principal. He is very involved in supporting her in her major and is a role model for her.

"My grandfather has inspired me, motivated me and has shown ample support to me while in college. He sends me letters with tons of helpful tips for my future career and shares much of his own experience with me. I hope to follow in his footsteps," said Kimberlin-Orsini.

Kimberlin-Orsini is also a sociology major. She is taking full advantage of her being in college to gain as much out of her time at Kean as she can. Being a double major allows her to have options in whatever she chooses to do after college. Graduate school is in her mind to even further open those options.   

"My sociology major stems from taking Sociology 1000 and falling in love with the subject. I’m in college, I have the opportunity of an education. I want to take advantage of that and learn more about the subject. The classes I have taken in the sociology field have been so enjoyable, and I have to give credit to the professors."

A native of Howell, NJ, Kimberlin-Orsini works at a country club off campus and is a part time substitute teacher. Her plan is to continue substitute teaching, gain much experience in her intended field and attain a full-time position. 

How Kimberlin-Orsini got involved with Sigma Beta Chi is relatable to any college student in a new place and looking for a place to fit in. It only takes a small decision to go check something out to find what will make your college years unforgettable.  

When she started college in 2011, Kimberlin-Orsini like many other first semester freshmen found it difficult to adjust and make friends in their new college environment. It wasn't until she was invited to an open tea rush event with Sigma Beta Chi that she realized her interest in Greek life. After looking into other organizations, she found her way back to Sigma Beta Chi.

"Surrounded by people like myself who made me feel comfortable and welcomed, the ladies of Sigma Beta Chi were role models to me," Kimberlin-Orsini said. "I saw the great things they accomplished and needed to be a part of that. The positive energy was contagious. Next thing you know, after hard work and determination I became a sister of Sigma Beta Chi!"

"From the moment I met these ladies my college experience changed for the better," Kimberlin-Orsini continued. "I looked forward to studying because I knew I would be accompanied by friends in the library. I had motivation to get good grades and to continue my education."

Looking back, Kimberlin-Orsini credits the support system she had throughout her college experience as being critical to her education and success. With a good support system, she found school more enjoyable. Being involved in her sorority allowed her to be active in helping others. She credits Greek life greatly in her success as a Kean student and as a volunteer. It is because of her dedication to her organization that she was able to win a service award and scholarship for having done 75 hours of community service.

"Greek life has a lot of negative stereotypes but they are just that— stereotypes. My experience with the Greek community has been mostly service based. Participating in community service, informational programs and other campus involvement has really made a positive impact on my life. I love to give back and being part of an organization that can provide me opportunities to give back is wonderful. There is nothing better than getting up at the crack of dawn for a breast cancer walk with your sisters."

Sigma Beta Chi is a local sorority that was founded here at Kean University by nine women on May 1, 1958. It is a sorority exclusive to Kean and it upholds the saying, "We can stand out and still stand together." The organization saying is the embodiment of the great diversity on our campus and the diversity in Sigma Beta Chi. The colors of Sigma Beta Chi are scarlet and gold and its flower is the red rose. Eternal sisterhood is what Sigma Beta Chi was founded upon as they strive to support one another and the community through service and volunteerism.

"After an amazing year as vice president, I was then nominated and elected president for this current school year. I had always wanted to be president, as my “Big” was president the year I joined sorority. She was and is still to this day a role model to me. I still am so grateful to have been elected president and strive to be a great leader to my sorority and other students on campus. I want to be a positive role model in our campus community as all Greeks strive to be. As president of Sigma Beta Chi, I can say I am so proud of my sisters and the efforts they put in on campus and for our sisterhood. We are a very proud sorority. We keep our history and traditions near and dear to our hearts. We strive to make our founders and school proud every day."

With graduation approaching, Kimberlin-Orsini reflects on her experience at Kean and the choices she has made. Sigma Beta Chi defined her years at Kean and she couldn't be prouder. She was able to grow at Kean because of her involvement with service, her sorority and her majors. She is prepared to graduate and go on and live her life with her new husband and her goals of becoming a phenomenal teacher. 

"I know that my involvement on campus and in my sorority has significantly positively impacted me as a person and will continue to affect me outside of college. My experiences have engraved in me a passion for service and volunteerism. The joy that being involved in making other people's lives better brings me is priceless. I will definitely continue to participate in service and outreach type activities when I graduate. I will also come back as an alumni to visit and support my sisters in all the wonderful things they do."

Despite a common misconception of what Greek Life is, Kimberlin-Orsini says it is what got her to where she is. Sigma Beta Chi has forever changed Victoria's life and she will always remember the time she spent here at Kean because of the organization she dedicated her time to and the volunteerism she contributed.

"I became more driven, motivated and a better student," Kimberlin-Orsini mentioned. "I gained confidence, respect for myself and others and leadership qualities. I believe my sorority helped me grow up and become the woman I am today. With graduation approaching, I am so proud to say I joined this organization." 

"I am so grateful to Kean University for the wonderful opportunities they present their students," Kimberlin-Orsini continued. "I can walk away knowing I have gained more than just an education while attending. I think everything I am taking with me from Kean and my experiences in sorority will stay with me in my future. They will always be with me and a part of who I am."

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Brandon Gervais, Editor

Brandon Gervais is a junior English education double major. Brandon works as an Editor for The Cougar’s Byte and originally joined the staff as a Staff Writer in November 2017. He is a part of the Leadership Institute as a Gold leader and has worked as a New Student Orientation Leader. In his free time, he is a performer for a world class independent competitive color guard team and coaches the Union High School Color Guard.