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ReInvent, ReUse, ReCycle

This art show seeks to raise awareness and equip students with information concerning environmental sustainability. 

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

On Tuesday, April 17, the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) will be hosting the ReInvent, ReUse, ReCycle Art Show with the help of the Sociology Department from 1 to 4:30 p.m. at the Miron Student Center (MSC). 

The ReInvent, ReUse, ReCycle Art Show is a poster child for environmental sustainability. In the current climate concerning the environment, it has never been more imperative to be mindful of what everyone puts in and takes from the environment. Thus, this event seeks to raise awareness and equip students with information concerning environmental sustainability. 

Numerous pieces of art will be displayed in the MSC with one commonality — recycled materials. Every piece of art will be formed from trash and recyclable products such as paper, glass, and plastic. 

According to Kristen Failla, a junior sociology and psychology double major, "The purpose of utilizing only recyclable materials for the art show is to promote resourcefulness and creativity by turning trash into treasure." She continued, "By saving and using these materials to make pieces of art, we are keeping them from being exposed to the environment and potentially harming millions of animals."

Additionally, the art show will furnish students with the ability to highlight the negative byproducts of human intervention in the environment. "By showcasing art created by students, we want to symbolize the many ways in which our environment is impacted by human activities, such as littering, on a daily basis," Failla said.

Although this is an art show, this event is not limited to only art majors. The CLS encourages all students to both attend the event and submit artwork. Submissions from students of all different kinds of majors will totally capture how being environmentally friendly and resourceful is an inclusive effort.

Failla also mentioned that students will be able to vote on all the submitted artwork. The pieces of art with the most votes will be centerpieces at the "Uniting Jersey for the Global Goals" Sustainability Symposium hosted by Kean University's Earth Science Club. Failla added that "the top art piece with the absolute most votes will also win a Kean mystery basket from the Center for Leadership and Service."

Art submissions are currently being accepted and will continue to do so until the deadline on April 11 in MSC, Room 219.

Questions, comments, and concerns can be addressed to the CLS at MSC Room 219. Moreover, check the Cougar Link event page for more information.     

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Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Caleb Lopez is the Senior Editor of The Cougar's Byte. Caleb joined the staff as a Staff Writer in May 2017. Currently in his junior year, Caleb is a psychology major with a minor in biology. In the rare moments when he is not vigorously studying, Caleb loves to spend his time indulging in sports, music and food—especially Chick-fil-a.