John Simons Is Always On The GO!

Get to know about The Graphic Organization and all the work John Simons does on campus

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John Simons Is Always On The GO!

John Simons serves as the director of public relations for the Graphic Organization.

Brandon Gervais, Editor

With all of his involvement and positions on campus, John Simons keeps busy. Simons works as a student ambassador with the Office of Admissions. He is a Nu Sigma Phi Greek Senate representative, student chapter president of The One Club, and public relations director of The Graphic Organization (GO!). 

The Office of Admissions is responsible with providing the Kean experience to future and potential students. They are tasked with giving campus tours, working at recruitment events and projects and working in the admissions office.

Nu Sigma Phi is a fraternity founded at Kean University. The brothers of Nu Sigma Phi pride themselves on individuality and accepting and strengthening one another. They work on numerous community service projects and social events on campus. Working as a Greek senate representative, Simons along with the rest of the Greek Senate promote and uplift each others' organizations and work collaboratively to govern standards, policies and procedures for Greek affairs.

Nu Sigma Phi Crest

John Simons is a graphic design interactive advertising major. He thrives in creative environments which led him to working with the Graphic Organization. 

"I chose graphic design because I loved making things. I would manipulate photos and re-imagine them as entirely new entities, write short stories and design layouts for websites. I had my hand in just about anything deemed as creative," said Simons. "As a freshman, I had no idea what I was doing. I stumbled into what I thought was a class, and it turned out to be a GO! meeting, originally called The Design Gallery. The president at the time, Sam Garcia, took me under her wing and prepped me to be the next president. She invited me to networking events in New York and got me engaged with the design community. I owe her a lot."

Simons continued, "After taking a trip to China, I stepped down as president and returned as public relations. The new president, Ryan Quinn, has been a driving force for the club and I could not be more grateful." 

Through a chance encounter, Simons was exposed to the perfect club for him and his major. After returning from his trip, he stepped into a new role as director of public relations for GO!. The Graphic Organization is a club at Kean University that gathers and helps improve the design skills of those interested in graphic design. While also enhancing their skills, the members of GO! are offered with networking opportunities when they visit different local graphic design agencies.

GO! meeting discussing the RAIN Agency.

"As PR, I am in charge of coordinating visits to advertising and design studios. I try to coordinate at least three a semester, based on the availability of the agency. Additionally, I am in charge of member intake; meaning that I am responsible for bringing new members in," said Simons. "Since I'm President of the One Club Student Chapter, I am linked to the organization. The One Club is an international organization that gives awards to outstanding advertising agencies and design studios. With their connections, I am able to coordinate visits and tours of the agencies they are connected to. With my network, I am able to fulfill my role as public relations." 

Public relations refers to the promotion and maintaining of the appearance of a group. Simon's contacts agencies to connect with them to plan trips and tours. This helps promote his organization and get them valuable experience, while also branching out of Kean and representing the University as a place where the students want to learn from real work situations. 

For anyone interested in joining the Graphic Organization (GO!), they should visit their Cougar Link page

"Students should join GO! to build their social network and to gain experience talking to professionals in the industry. As a member of GO!, you will be invited to agency tours, guest speaker presentations and have multiple connections within the group that will last your entire college career and post-college career."

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