Cougar Hall Is Ready For Residents

The newest residence hall is open for the fall semester

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Cougar Hall Is Ready For Residents
Cougar Hall welcomed it first residents during freshman move-in day on Sunday, Sept. 3, 2018.
Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

New for this fall semester is Cougar Hall, the latest residence hall for first-year students. Located in front of Harwood Arena, Cougar Hall seeks to be a stunning addition to the main campus. 

Cougar Hall is the second freshman residence hall on campus. Cougar Hall can house 382 first-year students, bringing the freshman residential population on campus to over 700 students. The building consists of traditional style suites containing two double bedrooms connected by a kitchenette. Each suite contains a private bathroom with a shower. Beds, desks, desk chairs and wardrobes are provided for each room. Moreover,  internet and cable are provided for each suite. Suites are equipped with controllable air conditioning and heating. 

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Each floor is overseen by two resident assistants. These floors contain 15 suites, two study lounges and one social lounge. The first floor is stacked with the following wonderful amenities: a game room, a small bistro, Great Room lounge, warming room, and a business center.

Denis Castanon, director of residential facilities and operations for the Office of Residential Student Services, mentioned that Cougar Hall is a fascinating new addition to campus with its "sleek", "modern" and "attractive" design that is destined to appeal to all incoming freshmen. 

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For students wishing to learn more about living on campus, please visit the Residential Student Services (RSS) website to learn more about the application process. The 2018-2019 housing rates can be found within the Rates section on the RSS website. 

For more information regarding Cougar Hall or residential life in general, please visit the RSS website or contact the office at (908) 737-6800.

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