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Get Wise About KeanWISE

KeanWise is designed to make things simpler for the student and to expedite the acquisition of much of the essential information for any student.  

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

KeanWISE is the university's online portal for all attending students. Individuals can access important records, documents, and information, as well as utilize many of the other essential features on KeanWISE.

It is always surprising to see that students are not as familiar with KeanWISE as they should be. However, with knowledge of its usefulness and multiple features students can improve the quality of their academic career here at Kean University.

KeanWISE is designed to make things simpler for the student and to expedite the acquisition of much of the essential information for any student. 

Students can stay on top of important dates and deadlines. KeanWISE delineates dates for registration as well as dates for adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes.

Registration for classes is done primarily through KeanWISE. Individuals can view all sections for all classes offered, search for specific sections, add sections to a queue and register for sections. It is all streamlined for simplicity and efficiency. 

Registration is underway at Kean University! Here are some tips for a successful registration.


Additionally, KeanWISE outlines the payment options and when payments are due. It also provides tuition pricing and a breakdown of what the money goes to. Tuition can be stressful for students, but KeanWISE seeks to put all at ease by making it easy to access and straightforward.  

Also, students can fill out important documents such as the Financial Obligation Agreement. This needs to be filled out for each semester. 

Students will find themselves especially familiar with the "Academic Profile" section, as it holds many of the features that they will check often. Grades, GPA, transcripts, class schedules and more can be accessed here. 

Additionally, they can find their restrictions on their account and find out how to specifically remove them, as one common student restriction is advisement. Leading up to registration periods, students will discover a hold on their account. This hold merely ensures that all students seek advisement. Other holds are outlined and explained on KeanWise.

Overall, KeanWISE is a vital resource for all students at Kean. With the massive amounts of information and efficiency it provides, individuals can truly benefit from this online portal system. KeanWISE is considerably convenient and ought to be used to its fullest extent.  

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Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Caleb Lopez is the Senior Editor of The Cougar's Byte. Caleb joined the staff as a Staff Writer in May 2017. Currently in his junior year, Caleb is a psychology major with a minor in biology. In the rare moments when he is not vigorously studying, Caleb loves to spend his time indulging in sports, music and food—especially Chick-fil-a.