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The Nathan Weiss Graduate College

Only a few trolley stops away from Main Campus, East Campus houses a myriad of resources such as the Nathan Weiss Graduate College that all students are welcome to utilize. 

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Oftentimes students envision there collegiate careers ending after four years. However, it is important to keep in mind that graduate school is a serious option that truly benefits students both in the short and long term. That is why Kean University offers a bevy of graduate programs at the Nathan Weiss Graduate College.

Conveniently located on East Campus, the Nathan Weiss Graduate college houses all of the graduate programs offered at Kean University. Multiple graduate programs are available to both full-time and part-time graduate students. 

Such graduate programs can be divided into seven categories: doctoral programs, professional diplomas, masters programs, certification programs, post-master's certification programs, non-degree programs, and post-baccalaureate programs.

The Nathan Weiss Graduate College has five doctoral programs. 

The first program is the Combined School and Clinical Psychology program. It's a five-year program that allows students to become eligible for their Psy.D.  

The second doctoral program is Educational Leadership. This program hones in on developing graduate students into future administrators in the school system. 90 credits is required for graduate students to earn their Ed.D.

The Nursing Educational Leadership program is a four-year program that leads to a Ph.D. This program is for those who desire to become not only a skilled clinician but also an adept researcher and academic leader.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program is an entry-level program for individuals who see themselves becoming physical therapists. This program happens to be the only doctoral program here at Kean that starts in the summer.

The last doctoral program at the Nathan Weiss Graduate College is the Speech-Language Pathology Doctorate. It is a 33-credit program for individuals seeking to become skilled in the rehabilitation of individuals battling speech and communication difficulties.

Professional diplomas are also offered by the Nathan Weiss Graduate College. Professional diploma programs include Marriage and Family Psychology and School Psychology. Both are 66-credit programs.

Master's programs are also available. The amount of master's programs offered are more extensive than the aforementioned doctoral and professional programs. Such master's programs include Early Childhood Education, Occupational Therapy, Forensic Psychology and more.

There are five certification programs here at Kean: Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education P-3, Student Assistance Coordinator, Teacher of Reading, Teaching English as a Second Language and Teacher of Students with Disabilities. These certifications require the completion of 15-30 credits.

Post-master's programs are designed for individuals looking to add another focus to their master's degree. Such post-master's programs are specific for principals, supervisors and learning disabilities teacher consultant. 

There are also non-degree programs. Individuals looking to expand their knowledge about a certain course without getting a degree in it are perfect candidates for the non-degree programs. The four non-degree programs at Kean University are the following: non-degree Alternate Route P-3, non-degree Alternate Route ESL, post-master's non-degree Licensed Professional Counselor, and Speech-Language Pathology Pre-Professional program. 

Post-Baccalaureate programs are also available. These non-degree certificates are Conflict Resolution and Communication, Leadership and Communications, Public Relations and Journalism, Teaching the Holocaust and Prejudice Reduction, and School Nursing. 

Each program has their own application deadline. Some programs have summer sessions. Its important for prospective students to visit the Nathan Weiss Graduate College website for more details.

The website is the place for individuals to find pertinent information about the process regarding graduate school, information on tuition and fees, scholarships, admission events and more.

Whether one is a senior or a freshman, it is always a suitable time to consider graduate school. It will come sooner than one would think, thus making it imperative for students to not only focus on their current studies but also on their future endeavors.    

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Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Caleb Lopez is the Senior Editor of The Cougar's Byte. Caleb joined the staff as a Staff Writer in May 2017. Currently in his junior year, Caleb is a psychology major with a minor in biology. In the rare moments when he is not vigorously studying, Caleb loves to spend his time indulging in sports, music and food—especially Chick-fil-a.