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Residence Halls

A decorated bedroom is merely one of the part of the residence halls that not only provides housing but creates environments conducive to personal growth and academic success. 

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

With each year, Kean University adds various resources and perks to campus for the benefit of both residents and commuters. One facet of the university that is frequently updated are the residence halls. The university does its best to ensure that all residents feel welcomed and prepared to fulfill academic and athletic obligations throughout their entire stay on campus. 

There are two main types of residence halls: freshman residence halls and upperclassmen and graduate residence halls. Located near Downs Hall and behind the Miron Student Center, these residence halls are situated in the immediate vicinity of one another so that a sense of unity and community is easily fostered.

The New Freshman Residence Hall is a fairly recent building that contains traditional style suites. These suites are equipped with two double bedrooms, a common area, a shared private bathroom and various furniture such as beds, desks, refrigerators, microwaves and wardrobes. Some of the many amenities in the New Freshman Residence Halls include a game room, a laundry room, a lounge and more.

New for this fall semester is the Cougar Hall. This building is located near the Administration Building and Harwood Arena and seeks to serve as the most updated residence hall on campus. Open to all incoming freshman students, this residence hall will feature two double bedrooms, a kitchenette and a shared private bathroom. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with beds, desks, chairs and wardrobes. Both freshman residence halls are equipped with individually controlled air conditioning and heating systems.

Bartlett Hall, Sozio Hall, Rogers Hall and Burch Hall are designated for upperclassmen and graduate residents. The bedrooms contain two bedrooms each and various necessary furniture such as beds and desks. The kitchenette are stocked with sinks, refrigerators, microwaves and cabinets. Graduate students are housed specifically on the sixth floor of Sozio Hall.

The Upperclassmen Residence Hall has numerous bedroom layouts.  The kitchen is furnished with a round dining table, four chairs, a full-size refrigerator, microwaves and more. This residence hall contains a myriad of awesome amenities including a buffet style cafeteria on the first floor.

For more in-depth looks at the residence halls and their amenities, visit the residence hall website

Apart from housing students, residence halls are designed to provide students with the opportunity to successfully acclimate to life on campus and newfound independence. With living learning communities, residents have the potential to develop into well-rounded individuals who are prepared for their future plans. 

The STEM Living Learning Community was created for STEM majors. This community assists students in exploring their career options pertaining to their particular major and forming a crucial network with professionals in their desired field. This community also provides Resident Assistant programs personalized to one's interests, imperative tips from upperclassmen and study sessions with other STEM majors. 

The Women Empowered By Living and Learning (W.E.L.L.) Community is focused on females, providing networking opportunities to female professionals. Furthermore, it focuses on empowering its members into being more confident in their leadership abilities and healthy living. This community bolsters female students' involvement on campus and in the community.

The final living learning community is the Leadership Living Learning Community. This community concentrates on developing students into leaders and involved members of the community. It furnishes those involved with numerous volunteer opportunities, leadership experience vital for the future and Resident Assistant programs curated to one's interests. 

For more information on more living learning communities and how to apply for them, click here.

After admittance to Kean University, applying for housing is considerably simple. Housing applications are located at KeanWise. A non-refundable fee of $125 is required with the housing application. A step-by-step process is outlined on the housing application website

Residence halls serve a vital purpose in not only providing housing for residents but creating environments conducive to personal growth and academic success.

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