Utilizing The Co-Curricular Transcript

Highlighting the CCT program at Kean and how students can access and update it

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Utilizing The Co-Curricular Transcript

Utilizing the Co-Curricular Transcript is important in tracking involvement and acknowledgements in a single, organized place.

Brandon Gervais, Editor

Tracking all of your involvement and service hours is key in applying for positions both on and off campus. The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is vital in keeping all of your projects and involvement documented. A student's CCT can be used when applying for scholarships, internships, employment or anytime they would want to compliment their resume or academic transcript. 

The Co-Curricular Transcript highlights all of a student's involvement and activities. Oftentimes employers look past just the academic transcript and want to see what a student did while in school. Having a loaded involvement list shows time management, personality and what a student can handle beyond their academics.

The Co-Curricular Transcript can be used by students as a resource throughout their time at Kean. If kept updated, it is one place that has exact dates and time frames of all of one's involvement. Many times on applications it will ask for dates of participation. With the CCT, it lists dates when students join organizations and how many hours they have documented service with groups.

An unofficial copy of a student's Co-Curricular Transcript can be accessed on Cougar Link. It is important that a student's CCT is being updated as they add things to their resume and carry out service projects. While some activities that a student participates in are automatically documented in the CCT, the following activities must be submitted manually by the student: awards, honors, scholarships, student organization, leadership activities, educational workshops, community service and civic engagement. 

All activities and honors being submitted into a student's Co-Curricular Transcript must be completed through Cougar Link. For submitting hours and student group activity, submit the group name including a referral to the leader of that activity. This step is to confirm attendance and participation in both the group and the activity. More information on managing a CCT can be found on the CCT page of the university website.

To request an official copy of a student's Co-Curricular Transcript, students must fill out the Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form. It is important that students first check that their unofficial CCT is up to date and accurate before requesting the official. The official copy of the CCT can be sent with resumes, academic transcripts, applications or scholarships. All official Co-Curricular Transcripts are official documents of Kean University bearing the university seal. All entries listed on this transcript have been validated by the Center for Leadership and Service under the authority of the Vice President for Student Affairs. If a student requests a copy of their CCT, it can be mailed or picked up in person.

For more information about the Co-Curricular Transcript, visit the Center for Leadership and Service page on the university website.

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Brandon Gervais, Editor

Brandon Gervais is a junior English education double major. Brandon works as an Editor for The Cougar’s Byte and originally joined the staff as a Staff Writer in November 2017. He is a part of the Leadership Institute as a Gold leader and has worked as a New Student Orientation Leader. In his free time, he is a performer for a world class independent competitive color guard team and coaches the Union High School Color Guard.