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Kean's Got the FUNK

FUNK is an inclusive cultural group on campus that works to unite the Kean community.

Brandon Gervais, Editor

Filipinos Uniting Nations at Kean (FUNK) is a cultural organization that works to unite the Kean Filipino community, as well as uniting all nationalities and ethnicities on campus. While focusing on the Filipino student community at Kean, FUNK is open to all students regardless of ethnicity.

FUNK works as a part of the D3 Filipino community. D3 stands for the District 3 of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND). D3 consists of schools in the Metropolitan Area of New York City, Northern New Jersey and Long Island. The goal of FIND is to help Filipino students learn about their culture, strengthen their leadership skills with networking opportunities and support their local towns and Filipino communities.

At Kean, FUNK was created in 2011 to create awareness of the Filipino community and unite them with people like them while allowing all students to join as well. The purpose of the group is to provide information on Filipino culture, current issues and events. In addition, it gives students on campus the opportunity to bond and meet other nationalities.

"We don't look for any specific nationality of students. 'Uniting Nations' in our name states that we are open to anyone and everyone who is interested in joining, and it would be great to know about [a student's] culture even if they're not Filipino," said Natasha Benosa, co-president of FUNK and senior therapeutic recreation major.

Filipinos Uniting Nations at Kean has close to 50 members of both Filipino and other descents, with seven e-board members that consists of two co-presidents, a vice president, secretary, event coordinator, director of public relations and a historian.

Natasha Benosa and Kyle Arroyo serve as co-presidents of FUNK. As presidents, they are responsible for maintaining the functionality of the organization, maintaining organization and reaching out to work with other organizations. 

"We are very family-oriented, and it gives students a chance to feel a part of something great. FUNK is also a place for Filipinos on our campus to find a sense of self and connection with their own heritage," said Benosa.

The organization is known to participate in cultural events on campus like last semester's CultureFest where they performed traditional tinkling dances and last year's Global Harvest where they brought traditional Filipino foods to the event.

FUNK is very active on social media and often features its members on Instagram, while educating the community of the diversity within their organization, whether by nationality, race, major or interests. 

Students interested in Filipinos Uniting Nations at Kean can visit one of their general body meetings held every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Hennings Hall, Room 113, or they can check out their Cougar Link page.

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Brandon Gervais, Editor

Brandon Gervais is a junior English education double major. Brandon works as an Editor for The Cougar’s Byte and originally joined the staff as a Staff Writer in November 2017. He is a part of the Leadership Institute as a Gold leader and has worked as a New Student Orientation Leader. In his free time, he is a performer for a world class independent competitive color guard team and coaches the Union High School Color Guard.