Sanjuan Goes Above and Beyond

Chelsey Sanjuan forges memories and experiences by volunteering and studying abroad

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Sanjuan Goes Above and Beyond

Chelsey Sanjuan is actively getting involved in her community and studies while building new memories at Kean University.

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Kean University offers a bevy of opportunities that ultimately contribute to the college experience. It is vital for students to make the most of what is provided and available. Chelsey Sanjuan has done exactly that throughout her years at the university. 

Sanjuan is a senior marketing major who has sustained her high involvement over the years. She is a treasured member of International Student Association, Earth Science Club and Operation Smile, as well as a Gold Leader in the Leadership Institute. Her involvement with these organizations has left a lasting mark on her life and helped her grow into the best version of herself. 

"International Student Association introduced me to a variety of different people of many vibrant cultures, that otherwise I would have not been knowledgeable about," Sanjuan said. "Earth Science Club reminds me to keep trying to preserve this planet, because it might not last as long as we think. Operation Smile gives me the opportunity to help others who do not have the resources to receive the necessary medical care. And lastly, the Leadership Institute allows me ways to give back to my community while simultaneously practicing and developing leadership characteristics and qualities."

Sanjuan also strives to be active in the community as well. She has faithfully attended the Breast Cancer Walk every year. She often volunteers at the Atria Senior Living and the Community FoodBank. Reflecting upon her various service trips, Sanjuan recognized the positive impact that accompanies volunteerism.

"I have learned that the simplest acts are valuable," Sanjuan said. "I’ve learned that spending time with an elderly person can absolutely make their day and that raising money could save someone’s life, [which is] very important and should not be overlooked."

When she is not serving the community, Sanjuan focuses on taking the necessary steps to reach her career goal — becoming a chief executive officer of a non-profit organization. The wonderful thing about it all is that Kean University has laid the foundation for Sanjuan to build upon. It has opened up her eyes to things unknown and fostered a desire for continued growth. 

"Kean University has given me a diverse and open environment to pursue my education, and has given me an opportunity to begin my career," Sanjuan said. "It prepares me with the proper education and opportunities to utilize what I have learned in an educational setting prior to going into the workforce. Kean has allowed me to develop and utilize my leadership qualities and optimize my educational strengths and skills."

However, Kean does not merely academically prepare people for life after graduation. Kean provides unique experiences that ultimately develop within the individual a sense of open-mindedness and appreciation for diversity. Similarly, Sanjuan had the "experience of a lifetime" when she attended the 2018 fall semester at Wenzhou-Kean University.

"I was given the opportunity to fulfill my thirst for travel while simultaneously finishing my education," Sanjuan said. "Going all the way across the world was definitely a unique adventure which allowed me to appreciate not only the beautiful country but its deeply rich history and culture."

"I loved being engrossed in a completely different culture [in which] I grew up and ... learning Mandarin, a language that I did not know prior to arriving in China, because it taught me how to adapt in a suddenly changed environment and how to communicate with others in their language," Sanjuan continued. 

Sanjaun understood that her experience at Wenzhou-Kean University was a driving force that would ultimately benefit her in the future, potentially helping her attain her career goals.  

"I took pleasure in being able to learn not only from my professors, who originate from a variety of different nations and have taught and/or had careers all over the world, but from the peers that surrounded me. It was an unquestionably humbling experience, which I recommend [for] other Kean students to try," Sanjaun said.

Sanjuan also recommended that students truly get involved on-campus while dedicated enough effort and time to their education. 

"Get involved and use your resources. There are so many clubs on-campus and, if none pique your interest, make one," Sanjuan said. "I would also like to remind them that as much fun as it is to be socially involved, school comes first. Everyone is in college to receive an education and leave with a degree."

Sanjuan stands as a prime example of a student who makes the most of her time at Kean, whether it is through actively getting involved in her community and studies or molding new, unique memories at Wenzhou-Kean University.

For more information on Wenzhou-Kean University, visit its website.           

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