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The Criminal Justice Club furnishes an outlet for criminal justice majors and more

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With Justice For All

The Criminal Justice Club e-board members posed at their beloved Cocoa with a K9 event that took place Jan. 29.

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

The Criminal Justice Club furnishes students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the criminal justice system as well as forge relationships with students with similar interests. Whether it's through guest speakers or club meetings, the club members are always learning and growing.

Alisa Meyer, president of the Criminal Justice Club majoring in criminal justice with a minor in public administration, said, "The Criminal Justice Club for me is essentially a place for similar majors to connect beyond the classroom and use this time to enhance life skills."

"Ideally, I would like the club to be a resource for internships and opportunities for Kean students," Meyer said. 

Although it is a club mainly designed for criminal justice majors, the e-board avidly emphasizes that the club is open to all. Whether it's for networking, sharing similar interests or being involved, students can gain opportunities from the Criminal Justice Club.

The club's director of public relations, Danielle Olistin, said, "The average student should be aware of this club because they can gain knowledge and experience, network with [students] with similar backgrounds, majors and minors, and become involved and aware in the criminal justice community."  

Nicole Horne, secretary of the club with a major in criminal justice, mentioned that the club fosters involvement with the major and provides relationships with law enforcement officers.

Horne said, "Students should be aware of our club because we provide important information in regard to law enforcement while having fun events."

In fact, all e-board members of the club mentioned how they are grateful for their ability to juggle between learning and having fun at their meetings and events.

"Coffee with a Cop was a really successful event we had at the end of September [in which] we provided coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts to the students. The club members were able to ask questions to some of the Kean police officers," Horne said.

They recently hosted Cocoa with a K9 on Jan. 29. This event allowed students to enjoy some hot cocoa and a conversation with the campus police pertaining to their police dogs.

Cocoa With A K-9 Spring 2019

The club also visited the historic Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and Escapology Escape Rooms in Garwood. 

As e-board members, Meyer, Olistin, Horne, and Karen Olarte are always thinking of ways their club can benefit its members. Yet the club has reciprocally benefited each of these e-board members. 

Karen Olarte, vice president of the club and sophomore majoring in criminal justice, is extremely grateful for what her involvement with the club has offered her. 

"My involvement in the club has helped me learn new leadership goals and make connections through students who are in the same field as I am," Olarte said.

"I am more aware of my [criminal justice] community and what I can do to improve it," Olistin said. "I’ve made many friends within my major and club due to networking. I have further developed my interest in criminal justice and want to explore all I can on the subject."

Overall, the Criminal Justice Club is a bright light on campus, seeking to provide resources to its members who share the passion for all things related to law enforcement and the criminal justice system. For more information, visit the club's Cougar Link page.       

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