Lent There Be No More Meat

Catholic Newman Club and Office of Campus Ministry are hosting weekly meatless lunches to honor Lent

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Lent There Be No More Meat
Throughout the Lenten season, the Office of Campus Ministry and Catholic Newman Club will be hosting meatless lunches on March 22, March 29, April 5 and April 12 at 12 p.m in MSC, Room 226.
Brandon Gervais, Editor

To honor those of Kean University who celebrate Lent, the Catholic Newman Club and the Office of Campus Ministry will be offering meatless food options for students every Friday lasting through April 12. Beginning March 22 in the Miron Student Center, Room 226, the event is an opportunity for students partaking in Lent to enjoy meatless food options and commune about how their Lent is going.

"Once a year, Catholics and other Christians all over the world enter into the season of Lent. The Lenten Season is comprised of 40 days starting on Ash Wednesday and leading up to Holy Thursday and is known as a time of added fasting, prayer and almsgiving for the Christian people," said Campus Minister Mariama Roldan.

The Catholic Newman Club is an organization on campus that provides a safe, positive environment for Catholic students on campus. Through community service, educational programs and campus involvement, the Catholic Newman Club offers a welcoming community for Catholic, Christians and students looking for God and spirituality.

As an involved group on campus, the Catholic Newman Club holds monthly meetings and frequent events. In addition to the Lenten Lunches events, they will be holding a Soup for the Soul event April 11. The club will be offering a free soup lunch accompanied by a featured guest speaker who will talk about topics on faith and spark discussions for the group. This event will take place Thursday, April 11 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Miron Student Center, Room 228.

In correlation with the Catholic Newman Club, the Office of Campus Ministry offers religious events, opportunities and masses for all students, regardless of faith or membership in the Catholic Newman Club. The Office of Campus Ministry holds weekly masses Tuesdays in the Miron Student Center, Room 314 at 3:30 p.m. and Sundays in the Miron Student Center, Room 226 at 6 p.m. In addition to masses, the ministry holds weekly Bible studies and Lenten Book Study events for students to read sacred scriptures.

"Catholic Newman Club and the Office of Campus Ministry are both organizations that are here to help Kean University students to encounter God on campus in a real way through worship, prayer, fellowship and service-based events. Through these Lenten Lunches with accompanying talks, we hope to help those in attendance to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection while providing a meatless meal for our Friday fasting," Roldan said, regarding the two Catholic organizations at Kean.

For more information on the Lenten Lunches, you can contact the Catholic Newman Club at catholic@kean.edu or contact the Office of Campus Ministry at campusmin@kean.edu. Through these contacts, you can also learn more about the Catholic Newman Club and the Office of Campus Ministry.

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