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Students are advised to register as course registration will begin in April

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Register For Next Semester
The Office of Registrar hosts various resources like course registration for students in need.
Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

It's that time of the year where one can set the tone for the following semesters. At an institution like Kean, there are a plethora of programs and courses for the diverse student population. Under the Office of Registrar, students are provided with resources for registration and course scheduling.

Before registering online, students should understand the qualifications that apply to them. To qualify for Fall 2019 registration as an undergraduate student, one must:

  • Be matriculated
  • In good standing academically
  • Completed previous courses at Kean

In addition, students are advised to visit their academic advisers for conversations on courses and scheduling and remove the two holds on one's account. After one visits their adviser, they can proceed to the registration process.

The Office of Registrar is an environment that allows students to practice productivity.

When registering, students are categorized by groups and should follow the schedule that lists their eligibility to register for class. Students should take this into consideration since it is important to check the dates with the corresponding sections.

With that being said, priority registration opens Tuesday, April 2 for students classified as scholars, athletes, students with disabilities and veterans.

All other matriculated undergraduates will be able to register according to completed credits. Here are the following dates:

  • 100 credits and above and returning freshman M-Z: Wednesday, April 3
  • 90 credits and above and returning freshman A-L: Thursday, April 4
  • 79 credits and above: Friday, April 5
  • 69 credits and above: Monday, April 8
  • 56 credits and above: Tuesday, April 9
  • 51 credits and above: Wednesday, April 10
  • 44 credits and above: Thursday, April 11
  • 35 credits and above: Friday, April 12
  • 29 credits and above: Monday, April 15
  • 0 credits and above: Tuesday, April 16
  • All other students: Wednesday, April 17 to Monday, Sept. 2

Other groups follow another registration date as stated below:

  • New Transfer Students: Wednesday, April 17 to Monday, Sept. 2
  • Non-Matriculated Students: Friday, Aug. 16
  • Space Available, Senior Citizens and NJ-Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Persons: Tuesday, Sept. 10

Students should also keep in mind that the add/drop period is Tuesday, April 3 to April 10 for those looking to adjust their schedule.

In regard to graduate students, one must have taken classes within the last year to be eligible for registration. Here are the following dates for graduate registration:

  • Graduate continuing students: Wednesday, April 3
  • Post baccalaureate teacher certification: Wednesday, April 3
  • Newly admitted students: Wednesday, April 3
  • Non-matriculated students: Friday, April 5
  • Readmitted students: Friday, April 5

Graduate students should keep in mind that the add/drop period is also Tuesday, April 3 to April 10.

If one is eligible for priority registration, take the initiative because it comes with benefits. Benefits include picking important courses needed to graduate and the opportunity to add and drop classes easily. Both priority and regular registration can be stressful, so preparing a course list prior will be helpful.

Moreover, students should take action and register using Kean's online system: KeanWISE. Here are the following steps to register:

  • Log in to KeanWISE and click "Student Menu"
  • Click "Register/Drop Sections" under Registration
  • Click "Search and Register for Sections"
  • Select the subject, course level, course number and section
  • Students can also specify the day, time or instructor's name for the course
  • Once done click "Select" and the course names, instructors and times will be provided

Students encountering problems with registering should contact the Office of Registrar, either in person or by calling (908) 73-REGME (737-3463). The Office of Registrar is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For further information, students can visit the Kean website for more details.

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