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Involvement Center to hold a workshop on getting involved

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The Homecoming Pep Rally is just one way that the Kean community stays connected.
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

The Involvement Center, located in the Miron Student Center, Room 303, is the hub of information for all the ways students can get involved. From on campus employment to starting a new club, the Involvement Center will be holding three days of Involvement Week 2020 events.

The Involvement Week 2020 events are as follows:

All such events are resources to students that will best optimize their Spring 2020 semester at Kean.

"Essentially, students are inclined to be set in their schedules by the third week of each semester," said Senior Involvement Specialist Bria Williams. "This means that whatever routine has been built up by that third week, is probably what they'll be doing for the rest of the semester. Involvement Week aims to provide students on campus- through programming like our workshops and panel- with as much information as possible on how they can get involved."

The Ways to Get Involved Workshop will help students learn about all the ways to get involved on campus. This workshop can include information on campus employment, clubs, events and more. Students who want to become better connected at Kean will be able to learn the tools they need to thrive.

"Students should always aim to enrich their college experience. Whether they do that by joining a club, a sorority, playing a sport or attending homecoming, is just a means to achieve that goal. By attending these events students can kick start that enrichment process by getting the information they need," said Williams.

The Do Cougars Really Climb Higher? event includes a panel of involved students who will be discussing their experiences at Kean. The panel discussion will include both testimonials from students of all different levels and experiences of involvement as well as advice to students looking to do the same.

The Tie Dye Stress Relief is a fun, interactive event in which students can learn how to balance their academic, professional and personal lives while also tie dying.

A notable, upcoming event being hosted by the Involvement Center is the Student Involvement and Employment Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 12 p.m. in the Miron Student Center. This will be a prime time for students to meet representatives of organizations they are interested in getting involved with.

"I'd like students to know that there is a niche on campus for every student who attends Kean. Actively pursuing that and finding your people is what makes going to college enjoyable! So do that!" said Williams.

For more information on these events or to talk to an Involvement Specialist, visit the Miron Student Center, Room 303, email or call (908) 737- 5270.

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