Kean Offering Pass/Fail Options for Students

Kean, like many other institutions, is allowing the Pass/Fail Option grading system for up to two courses

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Kean Offering Pass/Fail Options for Students
Kean University offers Pass/Fail Grading option for up to two courses for Kean students.
Brandon Gervais, Editor

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic interjecting in the Spring 2020 semester, Kean University is offering a Pass/Fail grading option for up to two courses for students at each of Kean's campuses, including the Union, Wenzhou, Skylands and Ocean campuses.

Kean is not alone in this decision, as many institutions of higher education around the world have come to the same decision in offering this grading system. The changes to this semester have been unexpected and universities around the world are acknowledging the affect it has on students. The goal in offering this grading option is to ease some of the stress and anxieties that many students are experiencing.

The option is permitted for up to two courses for each student, and can be enacted after grades have been posted at the end of the semester.

The Pass/Fail system is simple. If students elect, the grade "Pass" (P) will be attached to grades with a C or above, while the grade "Fail" (U) will cover grades below a C. The point of these grades is that the classes will either be a pass or a fail for students, and the letter grade will not affect a student's GPA. This way, students' grade point averages will not suffer as a result of the unforeseen circumstances this semester, and students can focus on finishing their current courses as gracefully as possible.

Students must receive approval from their academic advisor and a financial aid counselor, if applicable, in order to select the Pass/Fail option. Because of some program requirements, graduate school admission standards and financial aid criteria, some students may not be able to select this option for their courses.

"I'm glad that Kean gave us this option, because many students, including myself, are finding it hard to adjust to everything being done remotely. This helps me this semester because I'm taking very tough classes, and it relieves some of my stress knowing that we have the Pass/Fail option," said Kean junior, Nicole Caracappa.

For more information on the Pass/Fail grading option, students can speak with their respective advisors. Remote advisement sessions should be underway, and students should also be meeting with their advisors to prepare before registering for next semester's courses.

Students have from the end of the semester until Monday, June 1 to request the Pass/Fail option for up to two of their courses.

Be sure to keep updated with university COVID-19 updates and to visit the university's Coronavirus information webpage for resources and information.

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