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The Elected Few
Thursday, April 16 the new Executive Board for Student Government was announced.
Brandon Gervais, Editor

Student Government just finished its election process for the upcoming year. All of the executive board positions have been filled and the nominees have been elected.

Student Government works out of the Student Organization department. They work to provide events and creative experiences for the Kean student body. The executive board works tirelessly to listen and make change for the Kean community,

The role of vice president of programming is responsible for planning and coordinating events for the Kean community.

Junior political science and history major Chelsea Leon is the newly -elected vice president of programming. With further involvement in the National Council for Negro Women, United Nations Association, Lead Student Ambassador in the Office of Admissions and New Student Orientation, Leon decided to run for this position as a way to represent and cater to the entire student body.

"I knew I could not make any changes unless I put myself out there and at least say that I tried to shake it up for my final year at Kean," Leon said.

The vice president of special projects is responsible for overseeing and assisting funded groups on campus create and execute events on campus.

Kean sophomore psychology major, with a minor in criminal justice, Rhyan Almonacy has been elected as the vice president of special projects.

"I chose to run for this position because I wanted to be more involved in student government and be able to continue providing great support to the campus. I attend many of the events on campus, and I want to help provide events that would allow students to become more active on campus," Almonacy said.

He continued, "With this position, I want to work with the clubs on campus to produce some of the best events Kean has ever had, which would inspire some students to host their own events. My goal is to add more life to Kean after classes are done and during the weekends."

Alyssa Edgar, junior public relations major, describes her elected position as executive vice president and said, "I would describe the executive vice president as the point person for Student Organization's classes and committees. The EVP oversees all the committees that SO is a part of, and plays an instrumental role in recruiting members for those groups. The EVP also oversees all the classes to ensure they are making continuous progress throughout both semesters."

Edgar has been working with Student Organization over the last three years of her Kean journey.

"For anyone considering joining, I would say take the leap of faith, because Student Organization is so much more than just Kean's Student Government," she continued, "This journey I have been on is one that will impact me for the rest of my life. You learn so much about life and yourself, while gaining a family that will always be there for you no matter what. If you are really considering it, I say, give it a go. You never know where you may land after you leap, but I promise that what you gain from that leap is incomparable to anything else."

Finally, the Student Government executive president, junior business management major Lindsey Gonzalez, is responsible for overseeing the executive board and developing ideas for the student community.

"I hope to work with a great team to come up with new ideas to bring to the student body, and new plans to get the entire campus involved and excited to be part of this university. I hope to be able to get to know more students and bring their concerns to the light, so that we can take action in resolving any issues. I want to make the Kean community greater than it was the previous year," Gonzalez said.

For more information about the Student Government applications, please contact the Office of Student Government, located in Miron Student Center, Room 309, by calling (908) 737-5190 or emailing  

As a message to the Kean community and underclassmen who are looking to get involved or make a difference, Gonzalez said, "I learned that it is important to always keep your vision of where you want to be in the future in mind. Everyday, give it 100 percent and everything will fall in place. No matter what, never stop dreaming until you wake up and it’s your reality." 

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Brandon Gervais, Editor

Brandon Gervais is a junior English education double major. Brandon works as an Editor for The Cougar’s Byte and originally joined the staff as a Staff Writer in November 2017. He is a part of the Leadership Institute as a Gold leader and has worked as a New Student Orientation Leader. In his free time, he is a performer for a world class independent competitive color guard team and coaches the Union High School Color Guard.