A Culminating Portfolio

The Michael Graves College will be holding an online Senior Portfolio Review

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A Culminating Portfolio
Join the seniors of the Michael Graves College, Thursday, May 14 to review their culminating project before their graduation.
Brandon Gervais, Editor

The Michael Graves College is having their first completely online senior portfolio review Thursday, May 14. For the event, students from the different majors under the Michael Graves College have their work submitted to be viewed online through Instagram, LinkedIn and the Michael Graves College Review website.

In previous years, this event was held at the end of each semester, in person. Many professionals in the local area within these fields attend this event to help scout out and recruit the graduating class for future opportunities.

"Our Robert Busch School of Design programs are professional programs that lead to careers in design. The architecture program leads to careers and often to graduate school in architecture; we have a Masters program in architecture in the School of Public Architecture in the Michael Graves College at Kean. It is our hope that our online review will allow 'talent' recruiters and design studio heads to view our fabulous graduates' work, and will ultimately lead to jobs," said Professor of Design Robin Landa.

The Michael Graves College, located in the Green Lane Academic Building, is the home of the Kean University Robert Busch School of Design and the School of Public Architecture. The department houses majors such as graphic design: interactive advertising, graphic design, interior design, industrial design for the school of design and architectural studies for the school of public architecture. The final portfolio review will feature work from seniors of each of these majors.

The college works to uphold the same standards of pioneering and leadership as the man from whom it gets it name. Michael Graves is a renowned architect credited with evolving the role of the architect and designer in society.

The Senior Portfolio Review is a critical event for the graduating seniors of the Michael Graves College. This is a chance for many of them to receive future job opportunities and interests from companies they wish to work for.

"All the professors at RBSD are accomplished designers in various fields, and most are published authors as well. They helped me prepare for the challenges I would face as a young designer in an intensely competitive field, and ultimately they have set me up for my success," said Manik Rathee, an advertising alumnus who now works at Google, and previously worked on President Obama's reelection campaign as a designer.

This final portfolio is the culmination of all of the projects students have worked on during their years of education. It is a showcase of all of their hard work and dedication to their field and dreams for their future careers.

"My entire career at school culminates in Portfolio, and while it's bittersweet to end my time at Kean, I'm really proud of the work that I've done in such a short period of time, under extraordinary circumstances," said graduating senior advertising major Amanda Vigdor.

Senior Portfolio submissions were posted on Monday, May 4, and the official review event will take place Thursday, May 14 from 2 to 7 p.m. and will also include a Google Meet live section of the event, where seniors will be online answering questions and talking about their work.

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