Wenzhou-Kean University

Cookin' Like Bacon!

Being the leading scorer for a collegiate basketball team is already a difficult task for anyone to accomplish, regardless of what school someone plays at. Add in a lengthy school schedule, long practices that do not just end when the coach dismisses everyone, and the pressure of being one of the most recognizable faces of collegiate basketball at an institution and someone's work will be cut out for them.  Sounds almost insurmountable, right? Not to Marajiah Bacon. Not at all.

Meet the Secretary of Greek Senate

Valeria Cruz is a senior studying psychology pre-occupational therapy with a minor in health sciences. Taylor Shubsda, human resources manager believes that Cruz is an asset to their office and provides valuable support to the other staff. 

Save Time Become A TIM

Attention all transfer students! The School of General Studies located in the Center for Academic Success (CAS) is now hiring Transfer Instructional Mentor (TIMs).