The Godfather of Online Sciences

Dr. James Brown develops online public health course for NJ community colleges

The Godfather of Online Sciences

Public health incorporates science and art by improving the health of the community through education. Topics promote a healthy life. Public health works to prevent health problems before they occur, to improve quality of life.

Kean Ocean professor Dr. James Brown has revolutionized online learning. Brown has developed an online course, Introduction to Public Health, which provides students with a suitable and appealing entry into an interdisciplinary profession. The course, which filled three sections this semester at Kean Ocean, is now available free of charge to all 19 community colleges in New Jersey.

The course is supported by the New Jersey Public Health Training Center [NJPHTCHRSAHEDSoftChalk

Introduction to Public Health recently earned Brown a respectable mention in the national SoftChalkSoftChalkNJBIZ

Brown has had each of his students involve themselves with "real public health issues "during the course. During the summer of 2012, he took his students from Kean to visit "Tent City" a modern Hooverville

Brown also formerly served as an assistant dean at New Jersey City University; assistant commissioner of health for the state of New Jersey; director of microbiology at Roche Biomedical Laboratories; and a vice president for Celsis

Brown is known by some as "The Godfather of Online Sciences". It has caused a takeoff on his famous name. Due to his efforts, students throughout the world are now able to take laboratory-based science courses such as microbiology, in circumstances that do not lend themselves to traditional face-to-face instruction.

For further information, please contact Tom McLaughlin in the office of university relations at Kean University, at or 908-737-0589.

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