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Take The First Step As A Leader

Get involved, make the college experience meaningful and become a leader today.

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Being a leader does not just mean having the title "leader." To be a leader is to take the first step to being involved with an activity that pushes students to make a change to the world. 

At Kean University, there are many leadership roles students can take. There are more than 160 clubs and organizations at Kean University ranging from cultural organizations to student government. 

Student Organizations. Students have the right to start their own club if it is not available on campus. By starting an organization for the campus, those students will be taking on a leadership role. If there is a club students are interested in, they can do more than just join the club. Run for the executive board! By being president, vice president, treasurer, secretary or even a director of public relations, students are given leadership responsibilities and roles on campus. Students can see the list of organizations offered on campus by going to Cougar Link.

Greek Life. Being part of Greek life can open up new doors to students. Not only does the executive board of Greek organizations take on leadership roles, but members of the organization have the role to inspire others. See what Greek life has to offer.

Gina Moretti, sophomore molecular biology and biotechnology major, is the vice president of Theta Phi Alpha (TPA). 

"I have been given the opportunity to hold the position of being vice president in my organization. Being part of Greek life has opened my eyes on how to empower not myself but others in confidence and acknowledge the idea of change," Moretti said. "When you are a part of something so big, you will without a doubt learn how to work well with others and be open to different perspectives. Greek life gives you the change to open your horizon not only in a business manner, but also in your own lifestyle."

Community Service. There are many opportunities to become a leader that can start on or off campus. Being a volunteer is like being a leader. By being a volunteer in any community service project, students are taking the steps to show their leadership attributes and skills. Not many people choose to volunteer because there comes a lot of patience and responsibility with being a volunteer, but if students choose to step out of that boundary, they can lead a chain reaction. 

On the other side, there are plenty of community service ideas outside of Kean University. Even students who are part of the general body can become leaders by bringing their community service idea to their organization or group. Read how volunteering for community service can make one a hero.

Student Government. The Office of Student Government and its respective governing bodies -- Student Organization (the full-time undergraduate student government) and Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC) -- always recruits new members to join their leadership team.

Excerpted from its annual recruitment e-mail, "Student Government is an involved group of student leaders who make a difference through addressing student concerns and creating meaningful programs that enhance student life at Kean University...We want you to join our leadership team! Various positions are available in both the Undergraduate and Graduate & Part-time Student Government boards." 

Honor Societies. Students who are part of honor societies take on leadership roles when they go out and volunteer for community service and help the students around them who are aiming for academic excellence. Students can always move up to being part of the executive board by running for the position, or help tutor those within the profession of the honor society. Check out the honor societies at Kean University.

Brandi Calavano, senior global business major and member of Phi Kappa Phi (PKP), shared what being a leader on campus had led to.

"The leadership roles I get [have me] feel more empowered to mentor others and help them anywhere they're struggling. I feel as if it gives me a feeling as if I can help them and even someone to look up to. I feel as if I can guide someone who hopes to be in an honor society as I know what kind of work and discipline it takes to get there, especially in a college setting where underclassmen could possibly feel pressured," Calavano said.

"I also feel that [my position] gives me an overall sense of leadership in general life for the fact that being in an honor society is expected to be truthful, go through school honorably and do their own work," Calavano continued. "...I feel that all comes with being in an honor society."

Tutoring. Offices and programs such as the Tutoring and Learning Office, the Writing Center, the Praxis Resource Center and the A.C.C.E.S.S. Program offer tutoring to students to help them with their academics. Taking part and working for one of these programs or offices gives students the chance to help impact one's academics and college career. It is not easy to tutor others, but it takes a leader to take the role.

Getting A Job On Campus. Working for an office or service at Kean University instantly builds leadership attributes. Students always look for help and request assistance from student-workers, as they are expected to know about the campus and their surroundings. It is true, part of working for Kean University is learning about the campus to the best of their ability to assist other students and lead them in the right direction or path while they are studying at Kean University.

"It holds one to a higher standard in that if an employer or graduate school director sees [leadership positions] on a resume; you are expected to have an overall higher level of integrity," Calavano said.

The first step for leadership starts now. Be a leader today!

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