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The More Involved, The Better

Being involved on campus has many benefits

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Involvement on campus opens the door to gaining interesting qualities that benefit the students and their surroundings. Not only do employers seek students who have a well-versed background, but they want someone who can work well with others.

There are plenty of involvement opportunities on campus, and most of which can help one become a leader. (Read how being involved makes a student a leader.) In addition to earning leadership skills, there are other reasons why students should be involved.

Jonathan Lopez, coordinator for student group recognition and development at the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS), said, "The perks of being involved gives students a lot of opportunities. It personally helped me pass my college career. It just helps because I was informed, focused and motivated. It helps students not be lazy and just do homework, but keep that fire going."

Students become more connected and familiar with Kean University. At Kean University, there are many resources that can provide help for students. For example, the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success (CAS) houses the Center for International Studies (CIS), which can help students with studying abroad and expanding students' horizons overseas. The Miron Student Center (MSC) houses the Involvement Center, where students can learn about the assorted university clubs and organizations, while also gain information on upcoming campus events.

Not only will students be more familiar with Kean University, but they learn about the opportunities made available to them for simply attending this university. It shows future employers that they were not afraid to take on new responsibilities at their university and are active seekers to new ideas.

Students receive the chance to expand their social network. By being involved at Kean University, students build a strong network. Sometimes it is beneficial to be coworkers with a classmate because of shared interest, and the ability to discover new interests. There are many ways to expand one's social network at Kean University, such as being involved with an organization or becoming a student worker. Find out which departments at Kean University are hiring for the spring 2017 semester and fall 2017 semester.

Joining Greek life and student organizations does also improve one's leadership roles. By spreading the word of involvement on campus, students adopt that leadership attribute.

"A huge positive [note] about joining a Greek organization is the connection and network. Not because it's good to be known, but it can benefit you in the long run. For example, if you are trying to follow your career path, there is already a brother or sister who's pursuing the same career. You can always talk to them and they can give you information as well as help you get a job by putting [in] a good word for you," said Johni Martinez, a freshman majoring in computer science.

Students find out their strengths, passions and weaknesses. Sometimes by being involved in something, students learn what their limits are. Time at Kean University is a great way for students to test out the waters and find out what they are comfortable with.

Sometimes students can find a group that participates in activities outside their major or hobbies, but is still something relative to what they like. They get to stretch outside of what they are expected to do and can impress others by taking an interest that their peers are unfamiliar with. 

Students get to have fun. Maybe the word "involvement" does not give the feeling of having fun because it means more responsibilities, but think about it. When students surround themselves in an environment where they feel welcome, share interests with other students and add to their social network, students improve academically and socially. 

When students look back at their college life, it is nice to recall memories of being involved and socializing with others. By being involved on campus, students are able to have fun with their friends, while doing something productive at the same time.

Students get to build their résumé. When future employers see that students were heavily devoted and involved while in college, they will see that the student can also be as devoted and involved in their career. Being involved helps prepare someone for future employment. The more well-rounded students are, the more they can handle everyday tasks and assessments in their future.

Being young does not last forever, so spend it making great memories and impacts at Kean University, rather than just being another face around campus.

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