The Kean University Behavioral Intervention (KUBIT)

KUBIT offers preventative care for troubled students

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The Kean University Behavioral Intervention (KUBIT)

The Kean University Behavioral Intervention Team (KUBIT) has the mission to help the Kean community.

Abigail Anne Rafael, Editor

The Kean University Behavioral Intervention Team (KUBIT) is a recently founded sector of Student Affairs with the focus to assist students who have exhibited concerning behaviors by guiding them toward resources or alternative ways to handle any problems they may have. 

KUBIT serves the campus through their five key features of consultation and support, circumstantial assessment, recommendation of intervention procedures, behavioral supervision and the connection of students to on campus resources.

KUBIT serves the Kean community best when students are referred by others. Some guidelines for making a referral include the following: 

  • If one feels they are unable to provide specialized services needed for the student's given problem
  • If the student admits to having an issue but is uncomfortable relaying the problem
  • If the student repeatedly makes concerning comments about themselves or others
  • If the student seems to be having problems functioning day to day

Students may also exhibit a wide range of behaviors that suggest overwhelming stress including social isolation, self harm, worrying commentary, bizarre behavior, threats, sudden change in mood and more. 

To make a referral, visit the KUBIT webpage on the Kean website and fill out the application attached to the "Report Concerning Behavior" button on the right hand side of the web page. From there, users will be prompted to answer some information in regard to the particular incident or student.

The following image is KUBIT's Distressed Student Resource Guide for immediate referrals or help in a given situation:

The Kean community is encouraged to refer any seemingly troubled student to KUBIT so that they may have the immediate attention and aid they need.

KUBIT is facilitated by Vice President of Student Affairs Janice Murray-Laury in conjunction with other staff specialists of critical impact areas on campus. The following is their contact information if needed:

Janice Murray-Laury, vice president of Student Affairs

Maximina Rivera, assistant vice president of Office of Residential Student Services and KUBIT Chair 

Vincent Kiefner, Ph.D., director of Office of Counseling and Disability Services

Robin Mansfield, director of Student Health Services

Nicole Rodriguez, director of Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct

Melissa Sterba, Ph.D., academic specialist of Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Joy Moskovitz, assistant vice president of Academic Affairs

Charlie Williams, Ph.D., director of Affirmative Action Programs

All the members of KUBIT are made available as needed to better serve the Kean community.

For more information pertaining specifically to KUBIT, visit their web page on the Kean website, call (908) 737-7080, visit Kean Hall, Room 124 or email

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