An Unrivaled Rookie

After dazzling on the field, Bassani aims to shine during the rest of his time at Kean

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An Unrivaled Rookie

 Bassani is a redshirt freshman for the university's football program. 

Caleb Lopez, Senior Editor

Kean University does its considerable best to churn out students who employ an exemplary work ethic throughout their academic careers. This applies to Kean's beloved student-athletes who carry the grit and determination from the fields and courts into their respective classrooms. Anthony Bassani strives to do just that.

Bassani is a redshirt freshman for the University's football program. Striving to be a vital contributor to his team, Bassani has outshined many of his competitors even in his first season of play. His outstanding play translated into being named the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Rookie of The Year and was named All-ECAC Second Team Defense as a defensive back.

"When I found out [about those awards], I was actually shocked because I wasn't expecting to win these awards," Bassani said. "Yet I was also very happy and proud." 

Despite these accolades, Bassani remains grounded, knowing that his talent on the field is dedicated to the overall performance of the football program and not the recognition he receives. His contributions to the team are cherished by his coaches and teammates. In fact, playing football at Kean has contributed bountifully to his own life. 

"My involvement in the football program has prepared me for the rest of my life because it has taught me how to be accountable and responsible. It has developed in me a mental toughness and [equipped me with the tools] to become a better man," Bassani said. 

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Bassani hopes that his football career extends past his time here at Kean. Additionally, he has the goal of obtaining a job after he graduates with his criminal justice degree. Kean University has carved the way for him to do exactly that.

"Kean has prepared me for my career professionally by having great professors and giving us everything that a college student needs to be successful..." Bassani said. 

His efforts are not one-sided; he is intent on being successful on the field and in the classroom. Kean provides the necessary tools to excel at both.

As a redshirt freshman, Bassani urged current freshmen and incoming freshmen to "work hard inside the classroom." In order to participate in the football program, Bassani must maintain his GPA. Similarly, freshmen should succeed in the classroom so that they can remain on track to their future goals.

Bassani aims to perform just as well next season both athletically and academically.

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