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Interior design student, Nicole Badillo, is dedicated to her education

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Designing Her Future
Badillo shares how the Michael Graves College is helping her pursue her passion of Interior Design.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Being passionate about one's major allows students to flourish in their collegiate experience, which second year student Nicole Badillo shows. She is an interior design major in the Robert Busch School of Design, which is housed under the Michael Grave College.

The Michael Graves College, located in the Green Lane Academic Building, is home to the design and architecture students here at Kean. They have created unique programs to enhance the learning of their students, which allows them to grow all of the skills they will use one day in their post-graduate endeavors.

Badillo notes that being a part of this college has allowed her to expand, improve and learn in her field of expertise. During her college decision process, Badillo visited different schools, but she felt more at home on the Kean campus.

She said, "Knowing Kean is where I wanted to be, I began to work with some professors and faculty from the college to help develop my portfolio and, with their help, it further sealed that Kean was such an uplifting and helpful environment and the place for me."

Through the Michael Graves College and the Robert Busch School of Design, Badillo has had many opportunities and experiences that have helped her make her goal of studying interior design a reality.

Badillo became interested in the field of interior design when her older sister studied it in college. She learned more about the subject through her sister, as she was her design teacher in high school from grades 9 through 12. In this unique experience, and the classes she took, she grew a passion for interior design and was confident in her college major decision.

Since coming to Kean, Badillo has been very involved on campus. For example, she is the president of the Interior Design Student Organization. She began attending meetings her freshmen year, and really enjoyed the atmosphere and platform to connect with students studying the same major as her. Through this, she has the opportunity to connect with her peers while learning more about what she is passionate about.

Badillo also works on campus with Rose Gonella, the associate dean of the Michael Graves College, which further expands her involvement and experience at Kean.

Through all of these obligations, it can be difficult, at times, to stay on track and organized. Due to this, Badillo has a few techniques to ensure her tasks are met and completed to the best of her ability.

For example, she always writes down her tasks, whether it be assignments, due dates or meetings, or things she must complete that week. Also, every Sunday night, she writes her goals for the week to help her measure short term success, which, in the end, results in positive long-term effects.

Badillo said, "The top advice I would give to college students is to learn to manage your stress."

She continued, "Every person's stress levels are different, but trying to find a way to manage it, whether it be to organize your thoughts, workout, or talk to someone, this will be your biggest ticket to success."

Badillo is a prime example of how the resources offered at Kean, such as the Michael Graves College and Robert Busch School of Design, help to guide students to success and achieve their academic goals.

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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